Friday, May 14, 2010

28 Week Update

I thought I'd go ahead and fill out one of those little pregnancy surveys to share how things have been going.

Total Weight Gained?: I've gained 26.5 lbs so far - I'm trying to be very careful not to gain too much more but I'll be honest - it's so hard!

Maternity Clothes: I am definitely having to wear maternity capris and shorts but lately I have found a ton of cute non-maternity tops and dresses that cover the bump well and I feel like I will be able to use for a while after he is here. Not to mention I feel much more stylish in a lot of them!

Stretch Marks?: Still doing great here but I'm starting to feel really, really tight. If y'all have any stretch mark cream suggestions I'll gladly take them. Right now I'm using Burts Bees Mama Bee belly balm and it seems to work pretty well!

Sleep?: Seriously? I don't feel like I can even answer this. I have been feeling fabulous all day long and then BAM as soon as I go to lay down I get weird leg and back pains. I have the Boppy Total Body Pillow and it's definitely a savior but between the pains and getting up to go to the bathroom I'm starting to forget very quickly what real sleep feels like!

Labor Signs: Thankfully, none yet!

Best Moment of the Week?: Having my Mom-in-law be able to feel him moving and shaking around on Mother's day. You would have thought I had given her the world! It was so great.

Movement? Yes, yes, yes, and lately some of it even takes my breath away! But I love feeling it and so does the hubs - it's so amazing.

Food Craving?: Um... everything please.... I have been all about cheese and crackers, strawberries, gelato, french toast. Basically - you name it - I probably would like some!

Food aversions: Nothing. At. All. Ever.

Belly Button? Can you believe it - it's still in!

What I miss? Sleep, and laying on my stomach at the beach.

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing up his nursery. I won't be posting much about it until it's 100% done - we aren't even showing our friends and family then. But I'm sure if you catch me on Twitter - you may get a few sneak peeks as to things we have bought for it.

Weekly Wisdom: From my massage therapist: relax mama. She was pretty stern with me about taking it easy - she said that it was easy for her to tell that I had been doing too much. Oops... I'm just trying to get things in order for my little sweetie!!

Milestones: Making our way into the 3rd Trimester! The baby is almost 3 lbs!! I can't believe it - it feels like just yesterday I was finding out! I can't wait to snuggle him up!


The Mrs. said...

You look amazing. Cutest thing on two legs! I used all the Mustela products for baby and for me!!!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

You are so cute! I love that you can still wear dresses that are non-maternity! I tried that but my boobs became so massive, I couldn't swing it. Lucky girl.
Vitamin E oil girl! I lathered that stuff all over my belly daily! I was prone to stretch marks due to genetics and have none! Zip, zero. Try that in conjunction with your belly creme.

~Kristen~ said...

I can't believe my belly button is still in too! (I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday!) You look awesome! :)

p.s. I absolutely LOVE Noodle & Boo's "Glowology" stretch mark prevention products. I use the cream in the morning and the oil at night, and they are amazing. No stretch marks yet -- although, I would wear them proudly if they show up. :)

Katie said...

LOVE the dress!!! Such a cute survey!

Michelle said...

You are so cute!

Stretch marks have a lot to do with heredity, girl, so if you're momma didn't have them, then chances are you will be good. I used lots & lots of cocoa butter when I was preggo with my two, but still wound up with them (especially after Aidan). Of course, I also gained about 65 lbs with him. Really.

As for the no sleep thing...welcome to the wonderful world of sciatica...or at least sciatic nerve pain. I was the same way when I was pregnant. I think it's mother nature's way of letting you know that you're not going to really get to sleep for a long while. Cruel, I tell ya.

Jules said...

Can I just say that you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies that I’ve ever seen! So stylish…I love it. That dress looks great on you and the Coach bag is really cute. The scarf on it totally makes it.

I’m sorry that sleep has been a challenge, but at least the pillow seems to help. That is so sweet that your mom-in-law felt the baby move on Mother’s Day. What a special moment!

I cannot wait to see what the nursery looks like when it’s finished. I know it will be fabulous.

Your little boy will be here before you know it!

LG said...

Check Check and CHECK ! We have such similar pregnancies! I have already gained 30 lbs tho :( Yikers!
That dress you are wearing is really cute! I found some cute cotton dresses at Wal-mart of all places this week and even tho they are not maternity they look and fit great and were $9 each!
I use Coconut Body butter from THE Body Shop and have zero stretch marks so far. I did read that the tight feeling could be Braxton hicks contractions as that has been happening to me too.
I am 31 weeks tomorrow.