Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

Real foods are going great! We've added pears to the list and Trey loves em! He has decided he wants to hold the spoon, you can imagine the mess that makes. I had to pick up some plastic Dr Browns bottles last week. We were only using glass & Trey kept trying to hold them himself but they were just a little too heavy for him to hold through a whole one. I can't believe how grown he's getting.

He's obsessed with this funny little deer. Every car ride lately you can hear it rattle & vibrate as he fiercely pulls on it.

I was excited to find this in my stocking. Not so excited when it made my face red & burn. I tweeted & emailed the people @ Bliss Spa and still no response. I hate poor customer service!

How times change! This ad from hallmark had me dying! I want to get the one on the left for JD. Because well, we've only been out for a date without Trey once and that was to go to a birthday party.

Picked up some more swim trunks for Trey. He's up to 4 pairs & it's only January. I'm SO ready for beach-weather!

We rearranged the main living room this weekend to make "play" space for Trey. I am so happy with the new look - I'll take pics once we get our new baby-friendly coffee table/ottoman & decide on a rug. We bought one this weekend at Home Goods, lugged it home & realized it looked awful - so dissapointing!

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omeoomedia said...

Your blog is nice. Love it!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

My babe is almost 10 months old, and we've only left her with a sitter once. That card would be perfect for us too!

Michelle said...

I nearly died when that Hallmark ad came in the mail...they've got some great cards!