Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cold Weather Beauty

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Living in Virginia it doesn't get too painfully cold - just enough to give us some winter "blahs" and really dry out your skin and lips!! 

My top beauty products for the winter are as follows:

1. Vaseline Total Moisture - I flip flop between this line and the Vaseline Intensive Rescue. No matter how much water I drink during January - March my skin just always seems dry and slightly irritated. Both of these lotions really help to bring it back to a comfortable and soft state. I make sure to slather this on immediately after I get out of the shower. 

2. Loreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes - These are for the winter blahs really. Just adding even the tiniest bit of color in these cold, gray months helps me feel a little extra pep in my step. These are great. They are always under $15 and EASY. Like, even SAHM's with toddlers can find the extra 60 seconds to wipe one all over after a shower and go! (I do use these on my face as well, and sometimes they dry your skin out a little - no worries - you can definitely apply the Vaseline lotion that I mentioned above right after applying. It will not affect your tan at all!)

3. EOS Lip Smooth Spheres - oh how I love these! I only discovered them about a year or so ago but I have been hooked!! They are 95% organic and 100% natural which makes me feel better about using them on myself as well as Trey when his little lips seemed chapped. They smell absolutely AMAZING!!! I love the shape of them too, as they are a little bit easier to find in my bag then a traditional lip balm. 

I feel like cold weather beauty definitely takes more work than when it's warm outside!! But a few simples tweaks in your beauty routine are well worth it!? What are your favorite cold weather helpers?

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I love the eos Smooth Spheres. I just realized today that my lemon one ran out. So sad. I need to get more stat.