Friday, June 29, 2012

iPhoto Friday

The beginning of the week here was HOT HOT HOT. Trey and I spent some QT in the 100 acre forrest reading and playing. 

Then we got lucky and had a few cool days - we drove out to the woods and "went on a bear hunt". (The ONLY other song Trey is interested in besides that gosh-darn "Wheels on the bus") 
I snagged this adorable all-wood toddler table on Craigs List last week. The lady wasn't an ax murderer and Trey loves the table. Win-win. 

It's served as a much more appropriate place to play with "pea-dough" than the kitchen table in his booster. 

I'm neck deep into 2nd birthday party planning and crafting - only about a month left! 
Key to a ridiculously happy toddler at school pick up? A smoothie!
Or as Trey calls them "moootheees" (J.D. kept thinking he as asking for a movie! Ha!) 

And I wanted to share this from one of our Father's Day crafts. JD is obsessed with collecting records and all things music related so the sweet SIL came over and helped me do a little photo shoot. 

Here is the finished project. Yep. He loved it
Happy Friday Y'all!!! 


Elizabeth said...

What an adorable photo shoot for Father's Day!

Megan said...

So cute!! Im still a tad jealous about the table your scored!!

Ashley said...

Where did you get the personalized placemat? I love it!