Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trey's Favorite Toys 18-24 months

You can check out what we were loving at 13 months here. 

This post is a *smidge* late seeing as how Trey turned 2 in August but I thought this might be helpful for those of you looking to pick up Christmas gifts for boys of this age.

(Mamas - if you have favorites please leave them in the comments for others to read!)

Source: target.com via Beach on Pinterest

I picked up these bristle blocks on a whim one day while I was at Target and was so glad I did - they are so much fun! Trey loves them and J.D. and I have a blast sitting down and playing with them too! These have instantly became a favorite gift to give as well.

Source: amazon.com via Beach on Pinterest

We love all sorts of wooden toys and when Trey fell in love with these Uncle Goose blocks at a friends house I knew I had to order them stat. They are a great classic toy, made in the USA and slightly bigger than other wooden blocks which was great for stacking when he was younger!

Source: amazon.com via Beach on Pinterest

I wish I hadn't purchased so many mega blocks when Trey was around a year old becuase duplos have quickly taken over our home and the mega blocks have taken their place. He has really been enjoying these lately!

Source: target.com via Beach on Pinterest

This b. toys easel was a gift from a friend and she hit the nail on the head with it! Trey plays with this almost everyday - I usually just keep it open on his little table in the kitchen. The markers that it comes with are awesome and you can also use any other washable marker on the white board. Trey's bestie always instantly goes straight to it when she comes over our house!

Source: target.com via Beach on Pinterest

Trey must have inherited his love of music from his Daddy! This b. toys (can you tell we LOVE ALL b. toys?) keyboard and dog guitar are constantly in rotation in our home - they are really fun and play some fun songs on them!

He's also a big fan of play phones (leap frog and a cheapy one from the Disney store), his leap frog laptop, balls, STICKERS of any variety and is still really loving his Alex 3-in-1 trike!

What were your favorite toys at this age? Any suggestions for Christmas gifts for a 2 1/2 year old boy that I may not have already thought of yet?


Natalie said...

I just put those two B toys on Nolan's Christmas list a few days ago...glad to know that Trey loves them...gives me hope that Nolan will too!

Lucy Marie said...

We have the bristle blocks and they have been a HUGE hit around here! Her mega blocks are put away , I have never unpacked them sicne we moved so I don't know if she still likes them. Those others we'venever had though.

Ashley said...

such cute ideas! thanks for sharing! :)

Musli Power extra online said...

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Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Ethan is a fan of stickers as well! I'm going to have to try out these bristle blocks! We tried Mega Blocks without much success and I've ordered some M&D wooden blocks so we will see how those go!

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