Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Favorite Things: Nails

I've been completely obsessed with some new nail products and colors lately and thought I would share them with you!

First up, this one actually isn't new. I've been using Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps (I found mine at Target for under $5!) since last fall and I am still obsessed with it (as is Whitney - thanks to me talking about it non-stop a while ago!). It's the perfect topcoat or wear alone, it's got the most perfect shine and feels so nice - kind of like how gel nails feel but much thinner. Great to put on after your mani/pedi stops looking super shiny!

And yes, these ARE what you think they are FAKE NAILS! Shut up, right?! I know, I know but Southern Living: Preppy Style turned me on to these not all that long ago. I've used them twice since and I honestly can say I love them. (Hey, don't knock it till you try it!) They stayed on for about 5-8 days each time and looked just as good if not better than acrylics. I did buy the "real short" and file them down a smidge more - I feel like this made them look so much more natural. I took lots of pics - what do you think? Am I crazy?

And last, I just wanted to share my favorite nail colors as of late! Mind you, up until about 3 months ago I was a light pink mani only girl and I would have NEVER thought to put any color besides hot pink, coral, etc on my toes during the summer. But for some reason this year all of these other fun colors just lured me right on in!

Favorite color #1 - OPI What's With the Cattitude (From the Shrek collection - which I really need to watch! I've never seen any of these movies.) Me with blue nails?! Yep, LOVES it! I received so many compliments on this color - and not only from the 6 year old that lives next door! ;)

Favorite #2 is Essie's Turquoise & Caicos. I actually borrowed this from Michelle at Stuttering Shell! I instantly fell in love with it and ran home to order it online since it was sold out everywhere around my house. It just reminds me of sitting in the sand!

Last up, is favorite #3 OPI's Done Out in Deco - this one I first got at a pedicure with sweet Melissa. I messed up and didn't get a good look at the name of the color and after I got home and realized how much I loved it I started to panic. I even sent Gwen an email with crazy pictures of my toes to see if she could help me decipher what color it was! She was a HUGE help (she's an OPI addict like no other!!). Turns out this color is discontinued but I was able to find it on Amazon!

Hope y'all enjoyed my nail obsessions of the moment!!


Michelle said...

I have been wondering what the SH product was...I went to Wally World the other day and left with nothing because I wasn't sure. Why didn't I just call or text you?! LOL Silly me.

Aren't this seasons nail polish colors fun? I currently have Essie's "Cute as a Button" on my toes. But, I am thinking I need something with a bit more oomph than a coral-y pink. ;)

AndreaLeigh said...

I love that Essie color. I've been looking everywhere for it around here but they are sold out as well.

A Wedding Story said...

1. I'm going out to buy Hard as Wraps today!
2. Yes, those Broadway nails are awesome!!! I have a friend that turned me on to these are they do look better than acrylics! Yours look fab!
3. Love all of the bright colors! I will have to go find the blue from the Shrek collection!

Thanks for sharing your finds!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I must admit those nails look pretty good for being fake! I think it helps that they're not a crazy cruella deville length! I actually have pretty good nails and with all those prenatal vitamins they've been even better! I can't keep a manicure looking nice to save my life though!

LOVE the blue....I'd be nervous to but it on my fingernails...but it could be way fun on the toes!

Sarah said...

I have What's with the Cattitude and love it!! my friend at work had the T&C's on her toes and I loved it!

LG said...

I love nail polish! Thanks for sharing your colors! I need that Essie polish! I bought that shrek blue color too!

Ashley said...

Wow.. the fake nails look great. I may need to try them! Do they ruin your nails though?

The Pink Chick said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I am definitely going to have to try the Sally Hansen stuff! I also love the fake nails! They look amazing!

Katie said...

love it!!

Jules said...

Great post and thanks for the reviews. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Sally Hansen products lately, especially the Complete Salon Manicure or something like that. I’m definitely going to look for the Hard As Wraps next time I visit Target. That sounds really great.

I seriously cannot believe how great those fake nails look. If you didn’t tell me, I would have thought that you went to the nail salon and got gels or acrylics.

So funny, because I was always into pink nails and toes. This is the first summer I’ve really ventured outside of my comfort zone. You’re the one that inspired me to do that with the gorgeous Turquoise & Caicos. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on it. I went to find a bottle for myself, but Ulta was sold out. I may need to try eBay.