Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Toddler Yoga, Throwing Pennies & ICE CREAM!

This weekend FLEW by. As all good summer weekends do, no?

Our weekend kicked off early with a visit from this mama and one of Trey's besties, Greyson! We met up another mutual friend and her little one for a morning of toddler yoga.


Totally sounds like an oxymoron. I know.

Trust me. I thought the same thing as you. I even texted this chica before class to say. "I really hope we don't get ourselves kicked out...."

Much to everyone's surprise the boys all did AWESOME. They were super well behaved, and loved trying out different poses. The teacher was fun, turned all of the poses into animals and really captured their attention. We will definitely be going again!!

After class we hit up a great park that's on the sand and had some girl talk, play time and just overall fun in the sun!

Later that evening I got to have dinner & fro-yo with our besties. J and I laughed about how sometimes we feel like Trey and Addie are on a date and we are all just tagging along. They crack me up how much they love each other!

Saturday morning we hung out, made breakfast, played and then since it was raining a little I decided to break out a fun pinterest-inspired activity. They are these weird jelly beads that you can buy at Michael's (I think?) but I stumbled upon some a dollar store inside one of our malls. They're good for textures, colors, fine motor skills, etc. Trey loved watching them grow and I think I'm going to find a plant to use with them and see if they really live up to their "Soil Replacement" claim.

Saturday night we went and ran some errands, had dinner at CPK and hung out at our town center. J.D. taught Trey how to throw pennies in the fountain. Each throw included a "whoa!!" or "cooool". So simple. But such a great time.

J.D. and I came home and watched some old Episodes of Breaking Bad in excitement of the next (and final) season premiere tonight. Did anyone else watch??

This morning we woke up, went and got our crack coffee, and headed to the park. As you can tell by looking at Trey - it was so muggy/humid/hot. 

Side-note: Why don't toddlers seem to care about the heat? I swear it could be a million degrees out and this kid would still want to play! 

To finish it off we headed to a friend's house for a cookout and some sprinkler fun. Trey plays so well with their daughters and a few of their friends came too. We all had an amazing time just sitting outside laughing and watching the little ones have the time of their lives.

Did you know today was national ice cream day - I had a random lady in Target tell me (don't ask, the crazies were out in full force today...) so I immediately scooped up some vanilla ice cream, cones and sprinkles to take with us!

It was basically your quintessential Summer night.

And it was perfect.


Cajun Cowgirl said...

Sounds like one for the memory books! I love those weekends that are filled with activity and it's like you don't waste a minute!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun weekend!!

the workaholic momma said... about busy:) We loved seeing you guys Friday night...those kiddos are too cute!!

Cheryl Enlow said...

You guys do such fun stuff. And toddler yoga? You are right it does sound like an oxymoron.

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