Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

"I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obsessions: Favorite New *Mom* Purse, Shirt & Pants

So in case you weren't aware, this chick and I are totally sisters from another mister. Because she and I own about 90% of all of the same things. Clothing and otherwise related. She may or may not own all of these things as well....


I have some new obsessions that I have been just DYING to share with you.

Exhibit A:

Source: via Beach on Pinterest

What I have dubbed "The Perfect Mom Bag"! This medium zip top tote is just like a mini of the XL one I use for the beach. Complete with inside pockets AND keyfob (I am forever losing my keys.... and my mind.) It is the perfect size for all of my things as well as Trey's sippy, my jujube diaper clutch and some "schnacks" because we all know toddlers need their snacks. And they need them NOW! 

Eep. The perfect Spring pants. I love these! They remind me of some that I had when I was pregnant. Yep, which is probably why I love them! HELLO elastic waist! Ha! I have them in black, brown and the darker tan. And I'm pretty sure the hubs is over seeing me in all of them. I don't care. They are perfect for chasing Trey around in and I feel a little better about myself than when I go out in my yoga pants. Michelle also has 2 or 3 colors, as does my BFF Mal! (Hi Mal!!!) 

They're perfect. Trust. 

Source: via Beach on Pinterest

And last, but certainly not least, my new favorite tee! I have been on the hunt for a good short sleeve tee for what feels like forever! I ordered some recently from Lands End canvas but ended up returning them because they were just off. Last Sunday I ran into Target (alone! ahhh!) and had a coupon for $3 off any women's merona tee. Normally I don't love their stuff but I thought I'd see what they had to offer - maybe a tank top? And then I came across these slub tees! They reminded me of an old beloved J Crew tee from years ago. Long, fits well, feels great and washes awesome! I was sold! I picked up the navy, shell, melon and turquoise! I just wish they had black! (The shell color is perfection y'all!) 

What have you found recently? What are your Spring must haves or awesome finds?!?

p.s. I paid for all of these items with my own the hubs monies. I was in no way shape or form compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. And well, hers too. Ha! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Alive! And I've Missed Y'all!

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in 2,183 weeks. 

4 to be exact. 

I miss blogging. 

I miss READING blogs. 

I know what you are thinking... then what the HECK have you been up to?

So let's do a recap, bullet style! 

The Past Month for Mama
  • Bronchitis (whack.) 
  • Survived a long week with the toddler while the hubs was traveling for work. (Thanks to some awesome Mom friends - hi girls!! - and my amazing Mom-in-law!) 
  • Saw Wicked for the first time - OH MY GOODNESS. Amazing. It really deserves it's own post!
  • Met the pioneer woman with this chica & this chica! She was SO nice, SO pretty and I am DIGGING her new cookbook! 
  • And most recently came down with what felt like death - and the dr could only classify as "flu or strep -like" (um. what?) 

The Past Month for Trey
  • Lots of unseasonably warm days have resulted in tons of beach time, he's obsessed. Definitely my child. 
  • A few aquarium trips. We will definitely be renewing our membership in May! 
  • He's saying a million new words a day! And "spelling" his name. If you say "Trey, spell your name" he points to his chest and says "T-R-Y" Ha! I'm ok with the "e" missing for now! It's so stinkin' cute! 
  • He's still LOVING MDO - thank goodness! He is in the best mood when I pick him up and that makes my mom-heart so happy!
  • He is a "pea-dough" fiend. (Play-doh) rules this house right now. I don't mind it at all! I wasn't allowed to play with it as a child so if he wants to play with it every day I will totally oblige! 
  • Strep rash. Awful. All over his body. Poor child was miserable. I'm SO ready for the sickies to hit the road! (I know many of you are dealing with the constant sickies too. I feel for each of you!!) 
  • We started swim lessons with Trey's future wife! Who is also still alive! She is still working a ton but also has some awesome home remodel posts coming your way soon! Believe me when I say it's AMAZING!!! 

Phew. That's enough for tonight y'all! I'll be making the rounds and checking up on all of you!!! 

Gah, it feels good to be *back*!!! xoxo