Sunday, November 21, 2010


Trey's most recent nickname because he is constantly "cheesing" it up!

And yes, those are Christmas jammies! The holiday season is in full force around here!!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Party Time!

Starting today through next Friday I am hosting an "online party" with the fabulous A Touch of Whimsy Designs! Just enter the code "BABYTREY10" for a 10% discount on any purchase!

*Online Party - Basically like a pampered chef, jewelry, tupperware, etc. type party but you don't have to drive to my house, pretend to like the wine I picked out, deal with crazy pressure to buy overpriced things you don't need (you can shop in your jammies with your own wine, her things are adorable, super reasonably priced and you actually need them with the holidays coming) AND you get a discount! Pretty cool, right?

Here are some A Touch of Whimsy holiday items that I am just loving!

I think these Preppy Holiday Presents are so cute! ($10 for a set of 12!)

I love gift enclosures - and these are so chic! ($12 for a set of 30)

I think these preppy recipe cards would be such a fun gift for a friend that loves to cook/bake! (A perfect price point, a set of 18 for $13)

And anything with a monogram/initial is fabulous in my book - I'm definitely going to pick up some of these return address labels for my Christmas cards & thank you cards! (And talk about a steal - these are $3.50 for 30!)

I could go on and on!

The 10% off code "BABYTREY10" is good until next Friday, November 26th. Let me know if you have any questions at all!


Back before Trey was born we purchased a Canon Rebel T2i and I have been having a hard time sitting down and figuring it out, well the other day I FINALLY feel like I got some good shots with it!

Those of you that have DSLR cameras - how did you learn? Books? Classes?

I want to make sure I'm capturing all of Trey's firsts the best way possible!

p.s. I NEVER thought I'd dress Trey in all of the little Carter's outfits with Critters & such on them... HA! Boy was I wrong! This one has a turkey on the butt!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Things

Using every effort to get back in the blogging routine I stole borrowed this Ten On Tuesday um... Thursday from the sweet Ashley of Ashley's Antics.

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?
Pumpkin Scones - LOVE them!!

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
Oh yes, I was a very dramatic child and HAD to be in the Christmas plays! So fun!

3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
Coach diaper bag? Oh, I mean scarves!! They help hide the post-baby belly!

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
Yoga Pants. Yep, I'm officially "that" SAHM. You know, the one who looks like she's going to the gym but really that's just my "uniform"

5. What is your favorite color and why?
Purple. It's actually my Mom's favorite and was my Nanny's favorite too!

6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
Soft sugar cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles... YUM!!

7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)
Flowerbomb and the Fresh Lemon Perfume

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?
Method Cucumber multi-purpose spray

9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
I always said I wanted to be a mom or a lawyer.

And I'm trying to be the best SAHM I can be these days!

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
hee hee hee I actually JUST bought the new Mariah Carey Christmas cd (it's ok... not super impressed) AND Now That's What I Call Christmas 4! LOL - it's awesome! Go get it, it's on sale at Tar-jay this week!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I don't like this holiday Mom, it's SCARY!

This weekend was SO MUCH FUN!!

On Saturday we hung out with some great friends of ours (hi J!) and their sweet daughter, aka Trey's girlfriend. We went to the mall and had lunch at Nordstrom cafe. Have you ever asked for the nutritional information there? Don't do it!!! TRUST ME. You don't want to know...

Then Saturday evening I met up with Whitney Caroline Designs, Stuttering Shell, In No Simple Language and Naturally Caffeinated Family! It had been exactly one year since our last girls night out and Whitney went above and beyond to make reservations, reserve a suite at a swanky hotel, and get us a table at a fun bar! We had a BLAST!!

This was my first night out since I've had Trey. I was so anxious about it, for weeks just the thought of it would make my stomach turn. The idea of leaving him to go do something "fun" was just tearing me up inside.

I knew it needed to be done, I knew he would be more than fine with the hubs and he goes to bed at 9pm sharp now so really, I wouldn't miss much of his evening.

But I still cried... twice.

Once I got there I was much better. It was so great to be with my girlfriends, to be away from the house, in non-maternity clothes, with my first glass of wine since LAST November. See, I told you... it was a big night!

I kept harassing asking the hubs for pics of Trey while I was out and he kept putting me off.

Well, right as we were leaving dinner - this came through on my phone!! How cool is this app for the iPad?! Download it now - it's called Moxier Collage.

(And yes, they went looking at the houses I entered in Mojito Maven's tacky decoration contest!)

On Halloween day we had the hub's family over for some chili and Trey-time before the trick or treaters came knocking.

Sadly the costume we had purchased for Trey (it was 3-6 months which what he wears in everything else - Mom lesson learned on sizing!) so we just had him wear his cute skeleton romper.

We had so much fun hanging out with all of our neighbors and giving out candy. It'll be awesome once Trey is able to go trick or treating!

(We had to make another collage! SO fun!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend too!!