Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party OOTN

Uhmmm Hmmm. I know I said I probably would never do an OOTD/OOTN post again. 

Looks like I lied. I just get so excited when I break out of my "mom-uniform"!

Shirt: Old Navy 
Scarf: Jones New York at Macy's (GO! They have every color you could EVER want!) 
Pants: Black Ponte Pants from Target aka my questionable "leggings as pants moment"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Monkey Business

Happy Halloween Weekend y'all! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Citrus Lane: Rave Review & a Discount Code!

Even as a mom of a 14 month old I still get stressed about what to get for friends as baby gifts. I try to stay on top of all of the latest things but some days I feel that is next to impossible with all sorts of new products popping up every time you turn around. That's where Citrus Lane comes in. 

Your shopping from now on is done. Yep, you're welcome. 

Here's "How it Works" from the Citrus Lane site:

We think of our monthly boxes as care packages for parents!
With your subscription to Citrus Lane, you'll receive a monthly box filled with 4-5 healthy and delightful baby products recommended and reviewed by real moms.
When you subscribe, you can pick any box to start with, based on your baby's age, from newborn up to 18 months. The goodies inside will be tailored to the developmental stage of your child.
We're dedicated to helping parents discover the best baby products on the market. Sometimes it's an undiscovered gem that catches our eye. Other times, it's a tried-and-true parent favorite.
Either way, we're looking for that certain something - a wow-factor that makes us say, "Ah-ha! Now this is something every parent should know about!"
Basically, it's like a wine of the month club for parents. Each box contains items that total up to $50 in value, but the subscription is only $25 and shipping is included. 
I know, I know, I had you at wine. (No wine in here, but don't you worry! I already made that suggestion!)

My experience with our Citrus Lane box:  
I let Trey inspect it, of course. He was VERY interested in everything inside. 
The only thing I had told Citrus Lane about Trey was his age and boy did they NAIL IT!!! This box was full of all the things we needed right now!!! I was shocked at how perfect it was (and I'm totally not just saying that!) as you can see we immediately put everything inside to good use. 
Here is what was included:
  • OXO Tot Plate - slip proof bottom, rounded sides, BPA-fee. LOVE. We used it for dinner tonight and Trey's green beans definitely weren't able to hop out like they do with normal plates. 
  • OXO Tot Fork & Spoon Set - these are great because of the way the handles are curved. Trey has been self-feeding for a while and loves his forks and spoons but these seemed to make it even easier for him to do at lunch and dinner today. I'm actually planning to go get more of these at the store tomorrow!! 
  • Kushies Waterproof Bib with Sleeves - I mean, SERIOUSLY? Sleeves!? Genius. Trey won't always have to eat nakey with this thing around!! Ha! 
  • Little Duck Organics Blueberry Apple - IT"S EMPTY! The package showed up THIS morning and Trey (and um.. myself... yea...) ate the WHOLE thing. It's freeze dried, organic, Non-GMO fruits cut up into little bites. Trey is obsessed! (Ok, fine, we are BOTH obsessed.)
  • Sprout Baby Food - we have been a long time Sprout Foods fan so I was pleasantly surprised to find a pouch of these in the box. As you can see Trey actually had this for lunch today. He gave it two thumbs up! 
Can't you tell how much we loved this?! I haven't been this impressed by anything in a long time. Every single thing included is something that I 110% would have purchased myself for Trey. 

Just ask my husband, I wouldn't shut up about it during dinner.....hey at least I know what we are getting his long-time friend & wife for their baby shower gift!! 

Do you want to try out Citrus Lane? You can get your first box for $12.50 - a 50%  discount if you order by November 14th ~ Just use code: CITRUSHALF 

(Disclaimer: I was provided these products for free in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. So yep, the things inside were actually that good.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Talk: Young Love

Trey has been chatting up a storm lately! It's so fun to hear him trying to mimic us as well as coming up with his own little language. We started doing some signing around his 1st birthday as well and that has really helped him communicate what he needs too!

Some of the things he is saying right now:
Oggie (doggie)
Key-Cat (kitty cat)
"Go, Go, Go" (Sometimes with a little too much force - like when we are shopping and the cart/stroller is stopped)
"Brrrm Brrm (when we tell him it's time to go bye-bye and he waves and says brrrm brrrm - I used to always say "The car goes Brrm Brrm")
Row, Row, Row (when we sing Row, Row, Row your boat, and other times just randomly! HA!)

So last Saturday J.D. took Trey to his Little Gym class and asked if he wanted to go see Addie, J's little one (post valentine's day pics and all around baby love posted here) and you can imagine his shock when Trey responded with "AHHHH-Dee". Ahhh, young love.

Here's a video from later in the day. He quickly gets annoyed with me asking him to say it over, and over. Hmmph. Boys!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two on Tuesday

I am joining Andrea for 2 On Tuesday! This week’s topic is:

What are your two favorite pictures of yourself?

Ahhh! What a hard one Andrea! Not fair! Can't I just post pics of Trey? Or my dogs?

No? Grrr... fine. I'll post some WITH Trey. Where I may not look fabulous - he makes me FEEL fabulous!

Smart Thinking & Planning Ahead for Mamas

Thanks to Tervis for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to learn more about the world’s first smart cup.

In my early days of a stay at home mom I didn't have a schedule, I flew by the seat of my (still maternity) pants. I was tired, cranky and wasn't adjusting to being a mom well. What was I missing? I wrote with a struggle that I was having and many readers emailed me to let me know their tips and tricks.

You know what their number one thing was? A schedule!

I never thought of Trey as a "schedule" baby since I was nursing. I had always heard that you can't plan - you just feed when they are hungry. And I feel like yes, you do, BUT that is no reason you can't have a (flexible) schedule and routine by any means!

I slowly started getting organized, making lists, planning meals, outfits, playdates, you get the idea. I am a much better mutli-tasker than I ever knew I could be. I consistently do 3-4 things at one time. And while some days it seems exhausting, when I get to curl up on the sofa with my husband at night and the house is clean I know it is all worth it.

Getting Trey on a nap schedule was HUGE. He was not a good napper at first but from 6 months to now (almost 15 months) he has grown to be an amazing (scheduled) napper. This is awesome because I can plan all of our dates and errands around his naps. As well as schedule things I need/want to do alone while he is sleeping. It has made him a happier baby and me a happier mama!

I try to make sure that we have extras of everything in the car as well, this has REALLY helped for those times when you are out and realized you are out of diapers/wipes/snacks or clothes get dirt on them, spit up on, etc.

All in all I have just found that by working harder throughout the day to be more organized and planning ahead it has made for a much happier household for all involved!!


I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. To learn more about Tervis, visit their website:

Monday, October 24, 2011

My First OOTD Post....Ever

I love seeing everyone's OOTD, OOTN & even NOTD (nail of the day!) posts. I've been obsessed with reading "fashion blogs" since 2008 - blogs I have no business reading because I will probably never own a Chanel bag and while the thought of a pair Loub's make my heart go pitter-patter in a major way the thought of where I'd even wear them to stresses me out!

I've always wanted to do an OOTD (day/night/whatever!) post myself but I don't consider myself stylish by any means and heck I don't even own a full length mirror! But lately I'm trying to dress a little more fun - even if it means doing it on the uber-cheap!

So this past weekend for our annual Girl's Night Out (more on that tomorrow) I had J.D. snap some pics on my way out the door.

The dress & leggings are from Forever21 and the booties are from Old Navy! (Tan courtesy of Sun Labs! HA!)

p.s. And while this was fun and all, chances are you won't be seeing any regular OOTD posts from me. My yoga pants really aren't anything to blog about!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great Pumpkin is Coming!

Last weekend we headed to a local pumpkin patch to play and cut some pumpkins off the vine to take home. Trey absolutely loved it! He just wanted to run around everywhere!!

We also got to meet up with this pretty girl and her parents!! (I know, I died over her outfit too!!)

And just for fun, because I have been feeling nostalgic lately, here is Trey's picture from the pumpkin patch last year. He slept the whole time in the moby wrap!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

His vs Hers: SMS

Hers: Hair appointment! (Just a trim and all over dye)

His: Starbucks, Park & Best Buy aka perfect "guy" morning!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

My sweet little skeleton, 1 year later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today I'm linking up with Roots and Rings for Ten on Tuesday.

Today's topic: All About Pasta!

1. Red Sauce or White Sauce?
Vodka sauce please!

2. Do you prefer pasta you can twirl or stab?
I love to twirl my spaghetti but we usually have rotini, penne or ziti so I'd say I'm really a "stabber".

3. Baked or boiled?
Baked. The flavor! The cheese! YUM!

4. Do you like meat in your sauce or do you kick it vegetarian style?
I don't like the meat in small pieces in my sauce, but I do like it with meatballs! (Or my grandmother used to add hardboiled eggs and pieces of chicken - apparently when she was little her family didn't have a lot of money and that was an easy way for them to add protein in.)

5. Where have you had your very best pasta ever?
My Grandma. I get my Italian side from her. She may have been kind of fiesty but she was THE best cook EVER.

6. What is your favorite pasta dish?
Penne alla vodka.

7. Do you serve meatballs when you make spaghetti or just do a meat sauce?
Turkey meatballs

8. What type (rice, whole wheat, egg, etc) of noodles do you use?
Whole wheat organic from Trader Joe's or plain white ziti.

9. What type of meats or vegetables do you put in your sauce?
See #4

10. Do you make a “Sunday gravy” to use throughout the week or do you just open a jar of whatever and heat it up? (No judgment on this one!)
I make my own, the closest I have found to my grandma's recipe is Carmine's Marinara Sauce. LOVE. I could eat it by the spoon-fulls straight out of the pot!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What we've been up to

I have been trying to recap some fun we have been having lately for what feels like for-evah now!! Here's what Trey and I have been busy doing this past week!

Hanging out at Addie's first birthday party!!! It was so much fun and omg the decor was amazing!!!

Last week we headed to the beach for the Neptune Festival and Sandcastle building competition.

This sculpture was my favorite.
Someone was dying to get in the water!
We also had some play time at Grommet Island while we were down there!

On Saturday we headed to the Children's Festival! The weather was cool and crisp and just felt like an all around perfect Fall day!!

And despite that sweet smile on Trey's face, the past couple days have been a true bear. Teething and just general not feeling well has done a number on Trey and mama both. Hoping that we are turning that around today! Fingers crossed at least!!