Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Pinterest Link-up: Starbucks Teacher Gift

Today I'm linking up with AP over at ILYMTC for her new "Project Pinterest" link up!

I thought I'd share the first day of school teacher gifts that I made last week!

A long, long time ago I cam across this on pinterest and thought it would be so cute to gift a starbucks giftcard this way.

So (the night before school started) I stopped by Starbucks and picked up two gift cards, one for each of T's teachers and asked the barista for a cup, domed lid and a bag (for T to carry them in).

The barista was more than happy to hand them over and then we had a 10 minute convo about how obsessed we are with Pinterest!

I created the tags on PicMonkey, printed them on cardstock at Office Max (glossy) and then used my
2" punch from Michael's to cut them out. Easy Peasy!

I filled the cups with brown tissue paper on the bottom, stuck the gift card and the straw in, then added the white paper.

They were a huge hit and such a fun and easy project!!

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