Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st Birthday Planning: When Stars Align

Back in April I started saving pictures of first birthday ideas on my laptop.

Here is the theme I am going with:

So you can imagine my excitement when I come across all of this today at Target!


Trey was obviously stoked....

His new favorite thing! We say "How BIG is Trey?" "SOOOO BIG!!!" And he throws his hands up in the air.

We love it!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silent Sunday

Sunday Morning Scene?

Oops!!! Looks like I completely missed Saturday Morning Scene yesterday!

Sadly, it would have been a picture of Mr. Beach Bum and I moving his office all around and sucking water out of the carpets.


Yep. Our a/c is broken. We may or may not need to get a completely new unit. The people will be here Tuesday to assess that. And it has leaked all over the floor of what used to be our den and is now the hubs' office.

We can still run it in small portions but it makes a mess.

Boo y'all. This is NOT what we had planned for the weekend......

But, looking on the positive side it doesn't seem like too much was ruined and we are still getting out of the house and having a blast!

Take this morning for example ~

And here are some pictures from our pool adventures on Friday afternoon:

And Saturday afternoon!

Trey absolutely LOVES the water and unfortunately for Mama he is NOT scared one bit!! I can already tell that he will be one of those kids that refuses to get out of the pool and gets so upset when it's time to leave.

Hmmm.... I think I know someone who was also like that....

Should I apologize to my parents now or later?

Payback fo-sure.

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend!! Can't wait to check in on everyone and see what you were up to!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

My sweet friend, Ashley over at Ashley's Antics always links up with Roots and Rings for Ten on Tuesday and I love reading her answers! I finally decided to join the fun!

1. Have you ever used Craigslist?
Yes! I used to use it all of the time! I have sold and bought a ton of stuff off of CL! I haven't been on there in a while but now I'd like to go check it out...

2. Can you sew?
Nope. Not even close. I'd like to learn one day!

3. Do you pour syrup on your pancakes or dip your pancakes in the syrup?
I only dip my pancakes (or waffles, or french toast) in syrup. I never pour it over because I don't like em to get soggy!

4. Rain storms: Love them or hate them?
A year ago I would have said love - now with Trey I hate them. Take today for example we had a really scary one. To the point where I woke him up from his nap and made him go downstairs away from any of the windows with me!

5. Do you like swimming?
YES! Growing up we had an in-ground pool and I miss it SO much! Our next home HAS to have a pool!

6. What kind of drink do you order at Sonic?
I haven't been through a drive through in 2011. No, really I haven't. It was one of my resolutions. (No, not even Chick-fil-a! *gasp*)

But I used to get strawberry limeades at Sonic back when I used to hit up their "happy hour"!

7. Are you funny?
Trey thinks I am. Funny-looking probably.

8. At what age will your kids get cell phones?
Sheesh. Too young I'm sure. I was like 18 when I got mine. I'm sure Trey will be MUCH younger than that.

I did have a pager my freshman year of high school - and that was the ish.

9. What's your favorite vegetable?
Hard call! Let's pick yellow squash and zucchini for tonight!! Especially delish on the grill!

10. Were you a Girl Scout?
Yes, I was a brownie and I LOVED it. My mom was a leader and I thought that was just the coolest thing ever!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Beach Bum & Weekend Recap

On Friday afternoon, I took my mini-Beach Bum to the beach for some fun in the sun! We had an awesome time. He LOVES the sand, the sun and the sounds of the beach. He's a little unsure of the water and kept squeezing me tight while we sat close to the waves. I loved it - he's usually into just moving around and playing. It was nice to just sit and hold him just the two of us, snuggle and enjoy just being.

Our sweet neighbors bought him this outfit for his 6 month birthday and I was so excited for him to finally wear it. This kid has SEVEN bathing suits. Mom has ZERO. See a problem? I'm ordering at least 3 today!

Saturday morning we had breakfast, took Trey to the park and went and joined a pool with this Mama!

We did some shopping Saturday afternoon and then the Mom-in-law came over to watch Trey so that Mr. Beach Bum and I could go to dinner here:

We had some MUCH needed delicious beverages!

On Sunday we went to the park (yes again! Trey LOVES it!) and then went and spent some time with my Mom.

Afterwards I went and saw this movie with the MIL & SIL. Y'all it was HYSTERICAL! I haven't seen a movie this funny in a LONG time!! LOVED it!!!

While I was at the movie Trey and the hubs went to the grocery store and got chicken, veggies and rice for dinner.

The weather was perfect so we decided to grill and eat outside!

I promise I wear things besides this jean jacket.... LOL

After dinner we headed to our "Town Center" for Gelato and some family time.

We love this little place and got some gelato shakes! They were amazing!! Sadly I only had about a third of mine! Gotta stay on my weight loss plan!!

They had a band outdoors so Trey and I took the opportunity to have a little impromptu dance party.
He was having a BLAST!! And really, so was I!

This is Trey's preferred method of travel these days.

We had an amazing weekend. The Summer is just such an awesome time in VA and I love getting outside and relaxing with family and friends.

I'm so excited for the 3 day weekend coming up! HURRY up Memorial Day!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

This morning I'm linking up with Katie this Saturday morning to share my Saturday Morning Scene. Head over and check out what everyone else is up to and share yours!!!

Saturday Morning Scene

This morning Mr. Beach Bum whipped up some organic oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon for Trey.

He loves it! I'm pretty sure that this is officially his favorite breakfast!

I'm so glad it's the weekend and I get to spend some quality time with these two guys!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Not Here Today

In so many ways really....

I'm guest posting for Kelly over at Not Quite Legally Blonde! In a rare baby-free post I'm talking all about some new make-up finds!

Head on over and check it out - you are going to love her blog!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Fun with food!

"Mom, again with the camera? Really? Can't you just let me eat in peace?"

Ha! Nope. Sure can't....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Fun: The Aquarium

Yesterday we decided to take Trey on his first trip to the aquarium. We had originally planned on the zoo but the weather was looking questionable, and sure enough it started to pour once we got in the aquarium! It was perfect - we completely missed the storm!

We decided to sign up for a year pass because it's pretty pricey for one trip and by our third trip the membership is more than paid for. I know we won't go every weekend but as long as we go 3 or 4 times in a year - I'll be very happy with our decision.

I've heard from so many people how much babies like to go see the fish and lights and they are SO right! Trey absolutely LOVED it. He would follow the fish with his eyes and hands and enjoyed just looking around. And of course, banging on the glass!!

The hubs and I also had a wonderful time, it was nice to walk around, just the three of us watching Trey experience something new!

Mr. Beach Bum says this picture pretty much sums up our Sunday! LOVE!