Saturday, December 31, 2011

Busch Gardens Christmastown & Trey's First Ride!

Last week we headed to Busch Gardens for their Christmastown event. I've never been to BG during the holidays before but have always ooooh-ed and ahhhh-ed over everyone else's pictures of their trips to it. 

But, let's backtrack for a second. We don't usually go to amusement parks..... because it PAINS me to spend $50+ on a ticket for J.D. who doesn't ride anything. And I have to go on roller-coasters alone. Or with kids that are like 7 years old and call my husband a "chicken" (wait, that only happened once, in Disney World, on Expedition Everest).

Yea. You read that correctly. 

The husband doesn't ride roller-coasters. Or scary rides. Or anything besides *maybe* the swings. 

Me and my "scared-of-anything-and-everything" self will ride any roller-coaster or crazy ride that you put in front of me. I know, crazy, right?! I love them. LOVE. 

He thinks I'm crazy. And asked me: "Do you think Trey will want to ride them one day?" 

My response: "I mean have you met our daredevil child? I'm pretty sure he will be Mama's riding-buddy"! 

Anywho. Back to our trip. 

During Christmastown only parts of the park are open and everything is COVERED in lights. It was SO beautiful. I was really worried that Trey was too young to enjoy anything but he definitely had a blast!

We walked all around and took in the sites, had dinner at this fun place that served fried pickles (my first! YUM!), rode the rides like Alpengeist, The Battering Ram, Da Vinci's Cradle and Mach Tower. (Oh and we means, the SIL, future BIL and myself). It did start to rain for a little while but it didn't mess up our spirits any, we were lucky that it was unseasonably warm that day!

He just stared in awe at all of the lights! 

Our little family

On Mach Tower - my new favorite ride!!!

AND ~ Trey's first ride was The Little Gliders - he LOVED it!!

After I realized how much Trey loved this ride -  I was ready to sign up for whatever season pass package that they were offering right that second! J.D. reigned me back in but I am secretly counting down the days until they open in the Spring! 

p.s. So let's take a poll ~ do you and your significant other ride roller-coasters? I want to know! 


Jenna Hansen said...

We always ride roller coasters together! We just went to BG a few months ago with our 2yo and took turns riding all the big rides. And our son rode all the ones that he was allowed to! Even the Elmo one that drops you up and down! He's only 2, and crazy!!

Sonya said...

I use to be so terrified of roller coasters! Then when I worked at Disney at college and my friends took me on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, I was addicted! My hubby will ride them with me.

Mrs. Business said...

We are the same way! I love rides, and there is not enough money in the world to make him ride one!

Because of that, we haven't been to any theme parks together, which makes me sad.

Lis @ A Trucker Wife said...

You MUST come with me this upcoming season!!! I love getting the passes and you know I'm always up there :)

Traci said...

My husband and I only do the mini kiddy roller coasters. We ride the smallest ones there are. Not a big fan of those super fast and scary ones.

Mom of Three said...

My husband and I love roller coasters, and my older girls love the roller coaster in the Sesame Street area of Busch. You should consider the seasons pass if you plan on going more then once in the season. They also have a preschool pass where kids 5 and under are completely free if you sign up!

Mrs. C said...

Omg I cant believe how much of a toddler he looks like now! He is gorgeous!
-Mrs. C