Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smart Thinking & Planning Ahead for Mamas

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In my early days of a stay at home mom I didn't have a schedule, I flew by the seat of my (still maternity) pants. I was tired, cranky and wasn't adjusting to being a mom well. What was I missing? I wrote with a struggle that I was having and many readers emailed me to let me know their tips and tricks.

You know what their number one thing was? A schedule!

I never thought of Trey as a "schedule" baby since I was nursing. I had always heard that you can't plan - you just feed when they are hungry. And I feel like yes, you do, BUT that is no reason you can't have a (flexible) schedule and routine by any means!

I slowly started getting organized, making lists, planning meals, outfits, playdates, you get the idea. I am a much better mutli-tasker than I ever knew I could be. I consistently do 3-4 things at one time. And while some days it seems exhausting, when I get to curl up on the sofa with my husband at night and the house is clean I know it is all worth it.

Getting Trey on a nap schedule was HUGE. He was not a good napper at first but from 6 months to now (almost 15 months) he has grown to be an amazing (scheduled) napper. This is awesome because I can plan all of our dates and errands around his naps. As well as schedule things I need/want to do alone while he is sleeping. It has made him a happier baby and me a happier mama!

I try to make sure that we have extras of everything in the car as well, this has REALLY helped for those times when you are out and realized you are out of diapers/wipes/snacks or clothes get dirt on them, spit up on, etc.

All in all I have just found that by working harder throughout the day to be more organized and planning ahead it has made for a much happier household for all involved!!


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Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

I am a huge fan of schedules for babies! I feel like they deserve to know what to expect. I don't like it when my day is chaotic so I'm sure they don't either! So glad you have a good napper on your hands! It look a while for us, but we're finally there =)

Mallory said...

I'm a fan of Tervis tumblers...

They make my shakeology stay cold while I'm trying desperately to adhere to my schedule in the mornings :)