Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So, last week with the imposing threat of (the) hurricane that wasn't Irene the hubs and I packed up and headed to Richmond for a mini vacay. Well, sort of. It was a vacay for Trey and I and three solid days of studying and taking the hubs' last CPA exam. WOO HOO.

(Assuming he passed. Which we ALL pray that he did.)

Let's recap the evacu-cation, shall we?

Friday ~

9:30am: Pretend like you don't need to be home packing, cleaning, doing laundry and washing dishes to get on the road with a 1 year old. Hang out at Starbucks with this silly guy.

10:30am: Get home to put said silly guy down for a nap and start thinking "sh*t, sh*t, sh*t I have SO much to do!!"

12pm: Pack up every monogrammed LLBean/Lands End tote you own (some not pictured...) to the brim, as well as like 5 Whitney Caroline Designs bags. Try your darndest to keep your 1 year old out of those bags. DO NOT FORGET TREY'S MON-CHI-CHI (that already worn out looking sock monkey you see here that Trey mangles in his sleep). Or the twilight turtle... or anything else he might decide he NEEDS. As in, is going to freak the heck out if he doesn't have it NOW.

So yes, basically I packed everything we Trey owns. You never know when a tantrum may be around the corner. I need reinforcements.

12:30: Get gas (which takes forever, you would think armagedon was happening) and finally get on the road.

And then do this until about 5pm.

Yes. This trip usually takes less than 2 hours. And yes, we are screwed if an actual disaster heads our way y'all. Screwed.

Lots of book reading from the front seat, singing, and finally the Elmo Song, Elmo had Three Ducks, etc. over and over. And we were to our destination. A hotel attached to a mall. What could be better?

Thank goodness for Birthday gifts that I was "saving" for a "rainy" day.

9pm: Luckily for us, Trey went down super easy and I spent the night with these two friends. Ahhh candy and books. I have missed you both so badly!!! (Everyone needs a treat now and then!)

Saturday ~

Ha! Easy peasy.

The hubs studied his butt off. Literally like ALL DAY.

And Trey and I rode his bike ALL around the hotel. Over and over and over and over and over...

Stupid rain.

Sunday ~

Gorgeous morning! Coffee, milk and some play-time out by the pool!

Trey took an awesome nap and then we headed over to Whole Foods for lunch and the Children's Museum of Richmond for some fun!

They have an AMAZING Children's Museum there. We played with bubbles, made da-da a good luck sign in the art center, rode a huge train around, went to storytime, played in water, played with lots of other babies, went down slides! I don't know who had more fun Trey or myself!

Afterwards we came back to the hotel and Trey slept like a champ! Can someone explain to me how my already great sleeper of a baby sleeps EVEN better (I didn't know that was possible...) when we are traveling? So strange!!!) We finally had to wake him up to go out to dinner!

Monday ~

The hubs was off to take his test! He's awesome so I'm sure he rocked it!!!

Trey and I hit up the mall and got a lot of Fall shopping done! Only a few things left and I think Trey is 100% done. Sadly Mama is another story!!

After his nap we met back up with JD and went shopping in Carytown and met up with some long-time friends for a fun lunch outside.

And then we drove back - with a MUCH faster time. And approximately 1,204 less meltdowns.

Phew. I'm tired just thinking about it all!

I'm so thankful that I was able to come home to a house with power and no damage from the storm as I realize a lot of you are dealing with flooding, power outages (with babies! AHHH!), and damage to your homes. I hope that it's all on the mend asap!!

Now that life is slowly returning to "whatever normal is" I hope to be back to blogging, tweeting and snail mailing. None of which I have done too well or consistently over the past few months!!

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Miss Sweet Tea said...

If he used Becker products, then I'm sure he passed! Haha, that's who I work for :)

Glad you & Trey had fun and that there was no damage from Irene!