Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Say "Cheese" for Tiny Prints Cards!

Or "GEEEZ" as Trey says when I pull the camera out! Ha! 

Is it just me or does it seem like once you have a baby everyone and their Mama wants a Christmas card from you? When it was J.D., me and the doggies no one cared! (Well maybe my mother in law, but that's about it!)

Now I have a list of almost 100 people I send cards to! And I know lots of my readers send out even more than that! 

I love things that serve multi purpose functions and guess what? Tiny Prints has NAILED that with their photo cards! Check these out!! 
I love this - it's so whimsical and yes, that baby is PRECIOUS!
This would be darling with a picture of J.D. and I kissing Trey!! 
I'm always a sucker for good stripes! Found here.

Card + Ornament? Genius, right!! I love that people will take the extra time to look at it and display it somewhere a little more *special* than your average card!

And in case you aren't convinced that Tiny Prints has the holiday card game down:


And y'all know I love a good address label, I will leave you with these!! I love that this one has the year on it!! 

What type of holiday cards are you doing this year? You can take a look at the Tiny Prints holiday collection here

Disclaimer: in exchange for a blog post about Tiny Prints photo cards I am recieveing 50 free holiday cards. All opions on here are my own and I am not being paid in any other way. 


Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

I'm a sucker for a good Xmas card and Tiny Prints has some of the cutest ones! Love them. I need to decide and soon, but first I need to get a good family pic :)

Cole said...

I am in love with their "Yappy Howlidays" card!!

Samantha said...

I looooove Tiny Prints!! I am having SUCH a hard time chosing my fav. Ugh. I have already been trying to get some pics of Gwen. I don't know whether to do the whole family, or just Gwen and the pup... decisions, decisions. lol.