Monday, February 28, 2011

February Goals: Update

February Goals {Updates in orange}

1. Try out Stroller Strides & Little Gym with Trey {Accomplished trying out & joining Little Gym, didn't make it to Stroller Strides yet, also joined a library story-time group}
I bought a bundle pack for Stroller Strides on one of those "daily deal" sites back in November and I have yet to go try it out. Each week I have had great intentions. Each week something has came up and I haven't made it a priority. My blog friend, AP from I Love You More Than Carrots and her son Carter really love going and it seems like something Trey and I would really enjoy too.
I have heard mixed reviews on Little Gym so I have decided just to plan and go to the free class and see if it's something that is worth the money for Trey and I. From what I hear, it's pretty expensive and the Beach Bum household is on a much tighter budget these days. Hopefully if we love it I can find some sort of deal.

2. Lose 8 more lbs. {4 lbs down this month - 8 was clearly overzealous and I need to be more aware of that. My goal next month will reflect this. Overall I'm still feeling better, have more energy and my clothes fit better by the day}
I have had the hardest time losing all of this baby weight. And there isn't any excuse, I just have. I lost a bunch the first few weeks after Trey was born and then it stalled. I joined Weight Watchers, loved it, and then Thanksgiving came, I gained, the new point system came, I felt like I couldn't get a grasp on it. And then the problems with my mom started up (if you follow me on Twitter, you know what I am referring to). And I just let it all fall apart.
So the first week of January I cancelled my membership. Right? Who cancels their WW membership at the beginning of the year? Isn't that when everyone joins?
But you know what - I'm down 7 lbs since then!!! I'm 3 away from my pre-pregnancy weight and 30 from where I'd like to be. I'm hoping that posting this will help keep me motivated! How many days till Summer?

3. Blog More {Definitely accomplished! I blogged this month and I have LOVED it. I feel more like the *old me* back from when I posted on my old blog, Lis Loves. I also started to comment more and more on others blogs, loved it!}
I really want to start blogging more regularly and posting comments on every one's blogs. I read them every single day on my iPhone but I rarely comment. I'm hoping to change this.

4. Get More Organized & Get on a Regular Cleaning Routine {YES! The Beach Bum household is looking better and getting easier to take care of as I organize things. I have been a laundry machine and it's really helping keep everything tidy and less of a chore because it's not piling up!}
I'm going to leave this one kind of open-ended and hopefully I will have some great projects to share with you.

5. Learn how to be more efficient at couponing and stocking up {Definitely accomplished! I got a box of 234 Pampers swaddlers diapers delivered next day to my house for $11.99! I'll have lots of upcoming posts about how to save money! I'm adding my favorite sites to the right of my sidebar under all of my favorite blogs - check it out!}
I'm so bad about running out of things and not planning ahead. I would like to only grocery shop once a month, besides fresh items each week but I know that goal is way to big for me right now. So I'm starting small. I have all the diapers and wipes I can handle thanks to deal sites, Amazon Moms and and I hope to start stocking up on all household items such as paper towels, toilet paper, etc. I'll share some of these deals as I find them with you.

**I'll be back tomorrow with my March goals!**


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you commented on my blog, it led me back to yours! Baby T is getting so big! I am so excited to keep reading!



Romantic Dinner said...

Fantastic details shared of baby in recently posting .Very very nice thought and interesting this post

Megan said...

I am sooooo addicted to deals & couponing! Websites I check daily are (that's where I found my 720ct. Pampers Soft box of wipes for $11...SHIPPED!!) groupon, living social,, weekly sites include the coupon print off sites! I also recently started visiting --you earn points for different things (including using their search bar!) and the points can be redeemed for GCs--hoping to rack a decent amount up by Christmas!

We need to chat soon!!

Tiny Ocean said...

wow...kudos on scoring those pampers for $11.00. I thought I really scored with our 234 count for $25...but you definitely out did that. Did you stack more than 2 coupons on Amazon?

lg2006 said...

Wow that is great! Good Job! I have enjoyed your re-entry into the blogging world!!

Unknown said...

I love this idea of posting your goals. It seems like it would make you more accountable. Awesome job on the weight though I totally know how hard it is to get off...keep going girl :) Also you MUST share your secret with that amazing diaper purchase.

Jules said...

You’re doing awesome on your goals and congrats to you! 4 pounds is awesome and I always go for 4-6 a month. That is completely normal and doable.

It sounds like you’re fitting in more time for everything and I think that’s great. I bet it feels so good to get the house in order and be back to your old self with blogging.

I’ve started couponing and look forward to your saving money posts. I’ve been thinking of doing the same. I got some great deals the other week at CVS and it feels good to save money. I can’t believe the deal you got on diapers. I just paid about $44 for a box for my friend’s baby shower.

mrs.mfc said...

I love that you're posting monthly goals and then updating us on how you're doing. I should do something like that on my blog!

I can't wait to read about how you're getting such good deals!! I love couponing and getting things for cheap!!

Ashley said...

Congrats! You did great this month! I'm jealous of your weight loss.