Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Randoms

So, I thought I'd take today to just post some randoms of what has been going on in our little corner of the world. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever (um besides a picture of my nails.... I kinda haven't). So here we go:

I'm actually so glad that the holidays are over. I feel like I have my house (and my life) back and I'm really enjoying it. I recently put this picture on Instagram. I need some Valentine's Day accessories for my dining area. I really want to make some crafty type things but my Pinterest obsession is really cutting into my craft time. 

Trey has moved up from a "bird" to a "beast" (hate the name, HATE it) in Little Gym and seems to be doing pretty well with it. This whole trying to transition to 1 nap a day thing has been a challenge so we had to find some new class times that worked better and the switch just made more sense. Some of the kids in his class seem super advanced since they are a lot older but I know he will get there soon! 

We have also started a new story time at a different library and we are LOVING it. I am so pleased with the teacher and the actual facility. This library is 100% "youth focused" so they understand when the little ones aren't super quiet and they have tons more games and toys than the last library that we were going to. Oh! And I also want to explain story time a little more here because everyone asks me about getting an almost-18-month-old to sit still. Um, no. It doesn't happen! The classes that we do are at a library but they are more rhyme focused and we have individual book time during the class. It's full of singing, dancing, cuddling and reading together. It's very interactive and the  teacher does a great job of explaining "why" nursery rhymes are beneficial to little ones. 

Speaking of books, Trey is starting to fill in the words that he knows and I am loving it! I usually hand him a book when we get in the car and on this particular day it was Blue Hat, Green Hat ~ all of a sudden all I hear from the backseat is "Oopsh" "Oopsh" "Oopsh"! Ha I was dying. I love this age and all of the talking - I LOVE that he is finally able to say things like "milk, peas" (peas = please), asking for whatever food he would like or things like "ABC" if he wants to sing the ABC's (he's able to fill in a bunch of letters when we sing it - so exciting to watch him learn all of this!!) We've been doing a bunch of rhymes like "ring around the rosies" and having a blast spinning and falling down on the floor. 

So yes, aside from the tantrums that are starting. This is quickly becoming my favorite age - we are having so much FUN. And learning so much too. We've been doing a lot of arts and crafts, coloring, painting, etc at home as well as while we are out and about and at Mom's Day Out too! (Yep, also new, post to come on this!) 

Yes, we are still LOVING our trike! 

Luckily the weather has been pretty mild here so we have still been able to hit up the parks a few times a week. We both usually need a nap afterwards now though - the BIG slides, the RUNNING. Makes mama tired too!!! (Why am I not thinner? I feel like all I do is RUN! Ha!) 

So... really no exciting news in our world. Just lots of little fun things and milestones for Trey going on here. J.D. is back in school (LAST SEMESTER! Woo!) and I'm holding down the fort with the little one. Days have been going by so fast and when night comes I'm finding that the lack of sunshine has me aching for my bed. How many days until Summer?


Mrs. Mama said...

what a smart little man!! love it!! cute pics :)

Jenna said...

I hate that name at LG too!! Jax was in Beasts when we started and is now in Super Beasts. Such terrible names, I don't know what they were thinking!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So cute! I love his owl hat!

Nat said...

Trey is getting so big!!

Unknown said...

He is so stinking adorable I cant even handle it! Ugh love that face. Cute post girl :)

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Adorable, and I feel the same way about this age. I also know that Sandra Boynton book well!

Also, random blogging note - I love how you're doing those photo collages lately; remind me to ask you what program you're using for that, if you don't mind sharing?