Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Goals Update

April Goals {Updates in orange}

1. Work on my new blog 100 Days to 30 - {While I didn't do my best on updating this little extra blog - which I may delete and just add to BB&B - it seems to be too much for me to sit down and post to both. And honestly, it's boring... BUT I have rocked it. Last week, in 6 days I tried out Kettlebells, Body Pump (twice!), Zumba and I am currently on week 3 of Couch to 5K. I have made a serious commitment to Shakeology, have been soda-free for over 2 weeks now and have been eating better. I have such a long way to go but this has been an awesome start! I feel VERY motivated!!} this is a temporary little "extra" blog that I am starting. It's a countdown to my 30th birthday and is really something I am just using as a journal and a bit of accountability as I try every last ditch effort to get healthier and feel better about my appearance before the big 3-0! I'll start posting there today as it is now officially 100 days away!

2. Work on a good summer wardrobe. {Yes, yes, and yes! I have recently bought out The Gap, Ann Taylor Loft and some of the new Calypso St. Barth for Target collection. I don't want to buy too much because I really hope that I'll need smaller sizes soon!} I need some new things like whoa. I refuse to spend all summer playing with Trey in nike workout shorts or yoga capris. I need to get some cute new bermuda shorts from J Crew and some easy cotton tank tops and shirts to go with them.

3. Finally get my closet organized. {Yes! It looks great - I need to post a picture!! So much easier to see everything now that it's organizes!!}

4. Learn how to use Aperture. {Ehh... I had a small tutorial from a friend's hubby thats a photog the other day but honestly, I have not sat down with it...} I got this for my MacBook a few weeks ago and feel like the dumbest person on earth. Does anyone know of any good resources for this?

May goals coming tomorrow! I need to go watch this crazy newscast!!!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

I wanna see your closet! I've been working on mine for a week now and it's STILL bursting with junk. Ugh, closets are hard!

Legallyblondemel said...

I'm nodding my head as I read this. I so hear you on the "I will not live in my workout clothes!" resolve. I'm behind on both the fitness and the wardrobe goals, badly, but am rededicating myself this May!