Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning Scene?

Oops!!! Looks like I completely missed Saturday Morning Scene yesterday!

Sadly, it would have been a picture of Mr. Beach Bum and I moving his office all around and sucking water out of the carpets.


Yep. Our a/c is broken. We may or may not need to get a completely new unit. The people will be here Tuesday to assess that. And it has leaked all over the floor of what used to be our den and is now the hubs' office.

We can still run it in small portions but it makes a mess.

Boo y'all. This is NOT what we had planned for the weekend......

But, looking on the positive side it doesn't seem like too much was ruined and we are still getting out of the house and having a blast!

Take this morning for example ~

And here are some pictures from our pool adventures on Friday afternoon:

And Saturday afternoon!

Trey absolutely LOVES the water and unfortunately for Mama he is NOT scared one bit!! I can already tell that he will be one of those kids that refuses to get out of the pool and gets so upset when it's time to leave.

Hmmm.... I think I know someone who was also like that....

Should I apologize to my parents now or later?

Payback fo-sure.

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend!! Can't wait to check in on everyone and see what you were up to!


Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures!

Sounds like such a fun weekend! :)

Mallory said...

You look gorgeous mama! Sorry about the AC unit, that really sucks the fun out of a 3 day weekend. And I love that you have a water baby :) He IS a beach boy!!