Monday, May 2, 2011

My Favorite Things: April

Today I'm linking up with Katie over at Cleared for Take Off for My Favorite Things in April! You should head over and link up too!

Ann Taylor Loft - I hit up their recent 40% off sale (this top was one of my finds) and fell in love with them all over again! They seriously have some super cute clothes right now!

Shakeology. Yum, yum, yum!! I cannot say enough good things about it! Let me know if you have any questions - I will definitely have a full review coming soon!

Smashbox Artificial Light in Glow - I mentioned this here and am loving it more by the day! I'm SO ready for summer!

Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes - These are one of my favorite self tanners. One towel does your whole body, no mess, easy peasy! The color is believable and it doesn't have as much of a weird smell that some self tanners do!

gDiapers - I need to do a *real* post on these but so far, so good! And they just look so darn cute on babies!!!


Cheryl E. said...

You are right. He does look so cute in those gdiapers. I cant wait to read your post on them. I have heard of them but no nothing.

Jessica said...

Coming over from Cleared for Takeoff.

I am going to have to try those towelettes. I am always looking for a good self tanner since my skin refuses to tan on it's own!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I need to try out those self tanning towels. My legs are absolutely frightening white right now and there's no laying out when you're chasing a babe!

Mrs. Mama said...

those diapers DO look so darn cute! love smashbox as well... and i need to try those self-tanners!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

That Anne Taylor shirt is super chic and cool. Love it! Great styles think alike.

Jules said...

I didn’t know L’Oreal made tanning towelettes. I’ll definitely be looking for those! I’ve only heard of Tan Towels, but they’re so expensive. Next time I’m at Sephora I know I’ll be checking out the Smashbox Artifical Light. I recently got an eyeshadow palette from them that I’m loving.