Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Challenge Catch Up: Days 14-18

I need to catch up on the past few day's of Katie's 30 Day Blog Challenge so I decided to combine them all into one post.

Day 14: Things I am Looking Forward to: Pumpkins, Halloween, Holiday Crafts, Peppermint Mochas, Playing in the snow with Trey.
Remember, I'm embracing the "F" word... maybe even the "w" word.... Maybe?

Day 15: Advice for New Bloggers - If I could pick just one piece of advice for new bloggers it would be to blog for yourself. Meaning if you want to write a post that you feel is something that you'd like to remember or something important to you - go for it. Who cares if no one reads? Which will matter more 2 years from now?

Day 16: 5 Favorite Blogs - I can't pick just 5, if you'd like to see some of my favorites just take a peek at the sidebar on the right of my page.

Day 17: Regrets - None. I know, I know that sounds weird but with all of the family issues I have had I'm learning to live in the moment and truly enjoy each and every day.

Day 18: Something You Miss - My Nanny. I know that she would just be so in love with Trey and I hope that she'd think that J.D. and I are good parents. Luckily I know I have her looking down on us and I ask her for advice a lot!

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Katie said...

Peppermint mochas are my favorite!