Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Thoughts

Here is my brain dump for the day:
  • I am loving the 30 day blog challenge. Except I haven't done day 8 which is about friends. I'm working on it but I feel like I have a lot to say because I'd really like to include by blog friends too. (Meaning my real life blog friends like this chick who I met for coffee yesterday and this chick who I met for coffee today!) I've formed such a bond with lots of these local blogging ladies and I'd really like to share that!

  • JD and I went on a "date" last weekend. We made reservations, got "dressed up" (whatever that means these days...) but you know what we didn't do? Get a sitter. Nope. We dressed Trey up (Monogrammed polo and Madras pants via SheShe Made!) and took him with us. It was awesome! It was so fun to be on a date night with my TWO favorite guys! We had a wonderful time and Trey was so well behaved. The owner of the restaurant came over to compliment us on how he acted. (p.s. No smug-mommy-ness here, we just had a lucky night!)
  • We tried out a music class this week and Trey and I both really enjoyed it. The teacher is an old friend that I made during my prenatal yoga classes. It was so wonderful to see her again and for her daughter and Trey to play together. I don't know if the class will fit into our schedule this fall (it's during his nap time and it doesn't look like that's going to work) but I'm guessing that he will be down to one nap a day by next semester so maybe we will go then. Do any of your babes do music classes? How do they like them?
  • I am officially out of chocolate Shakeology at my house besides the bag that I am using for myself. I thought with bathing suit season over everyone would be taking a break. WRONG. I literally have friends stopping by with cash or paypaling me so I can mail them order. I love it! It's really it's keeping me motivated too! Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more info!
  • I'm such a nerd. The excitement I get when the library emails me to tell me a book I have been waiting for is on hold for me is just beyond ridiculous. It's the simple things really. Oh, and I'm obsessed with Beth Harbison books right now. Love her!

Source: via Beach on Pinterest

  • This bread is changing my life. I whipped up some apple cider glaze to go on top, served it slightly warm - it TASTES like FALL. Promise. Now get yourself to Trader Joe's and get some!!!
  • We started the Fall session at The Little Gym this week and Trey was actually kind of shy for the first little bit of class. He was unsure of everything - the kids, other parents, the shakers and that's SO unlike him. In June I probably could have dropped him off and left and he never would have noticed! It's amazing how two months off made such a difference. I'm so glad we are back because I know he really enjoys going and learns a lot there.
  • I'm so excited that it's Friday! We have a Little Gym make up class (because they were closed on Labor Day) and a first birthday party tomorrow and maybe a beach/zoo/aquarium day Sunday? I'm certain we will find something fun to do! I also want to work on some Fall crafts like woah! I hope everyone else has an awesome weekend too!!


Nicole said...

I just started music classes today for my 2 year old! Unfortunately, I can't sign up my younger one right now because I wouldn't be able to bring my other and I have no one to stay with him. But, he loved it. It was a small class, only 8 kids and their mama's. We had fun and are looking forward to the semester. ]
Also, I'm a total book worm too! What book were you waiting on? I think I have more books that I want to read than I have time for. Ugh... one day I'll get through them!

Our Baby "D" said...

I get so excited over the library books too! :) Although I haven't read much in WEEKS. I need to request more books!

I took G to a kindermusik class this week, he ran wild like he's "allowed" to do at TLG, but he loved it and danced all over. It was a bit cheesy for me, so we'll skip it for now...maybe in a few months!
TLG seems to be much more "our" style, but we'll see! :)

Legallyblondemel said...

How fun that you got to have a date night with both of your favorite boys.

We did music class over the summer & are starting again next week (with my 14-month-old). We really enjoyed it, but my Master P was pretty shy the first few classes - and also in the phase where he was putting everything into his mouth, so we basically had our own "designated drool" instrument bucket :-). By the end of the 10 weeks, though he was recognizing songs & clapping along to a few of them. So long as the class allows for plenty of movement, I say this is a good age to start.