Friday, September 2, 2011

iPhone Randoms: Target & The Mall

Ready for the worlds most random post?

Target finds:
I fell in love with this xhilaration dress - it was only $24.99 I plan on adding leggings as it is super short! (Notice that Trey only cares about the graham crackers. No love for Mama and her dress!)

Trey picked up this cute plaid top. When I found out we were having a boy I thought that playing dress up was going to be out. Ha!! Poor kid! I made him try on almost his whole fall wardrobe the other day. He was so sick of me by the end!

I also picked him up this fun Ghost Busters tee! LOVE it!

And the mall:

I have to take pictures of where I park or I will NEVER find my car. Let's not even talk about that one Christmas at Tysons Corner.

Texts with the hubs always entertain me - this is from last week.

Trey and I hate this sign. Two weeks in a row.

Do these people not realize the amount of work it takes to get ready for a mom date and make it there on time? Pshhh.

But that's ok because it has an AWESOME play area for the kids! And shopping. Lots of shopping! Whoops.


Mrs. Mama said...

love the dress! your little man is so precious and GROWING GROWING GROWING! tears.

Sarah said...

Love that dress!

Also, I lose my car at Tyson's every.single.time. And half the time I can't even find my way out of the garage. Those parking garages are insane!

Cole said...

That dress is so cute!! I think it will look awesome with some leggings. :-)

That text with your hubby is too cute!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the text and taking pictures of your parking spot. I'm awful at remembering where I parked!

Sonya said...

Cute dress! It would be perfect with leggings and some cute boots! That text is too funny!

KM said...

Ha, that is too funny about the parking spot pic...great idea! Love the dress and you are looking HOT Mama! I don't see the 10 your talking about ;)