Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9: TV Shows

Today for Katie's 30 day Blog Challenge we are discussing our favorite TV shows.

A lot of mine are mindless and basically trash. I'm ok with this.

Current Shows:

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This is one that J.D. and I watch every Sunday night in his "man room". We make snacks, get blankets, grab some beer and wine and basiclally "crack-out" on it. We LOVE this show. We ask everyone we come into contact with if they watch it - and sadly we've only met a few that do. We are obsessed.

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I mean who doesn't love the Office? I want Jim & Pam to be together in real life though...

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Ahhh Modern Family. Hilarious. Really. Entertaining. I feel like we are Claire & Phil (minus the two extra kids) on a regular basis. I LOVE it. I want to steal Lilly.

I'm not sure when my Kardashian obsession began but it sure isn't healthy. I watch them all. Kourtney & Khloe take Miami? Sure! New York? Why not! Khloe & Lamar? Definitely! Confession: at my last hair appointment I told my stylist I wanted Kardashian hair when she said "what color do you want?" And yep, she knew what I meant.

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Ahhhh Real Housewives. I LOVE THEM ALL. Yep, I watched D.C. I thought it sucked but I watched each and every episode. Even the stupid Miami one. I had to pick a picture of RHBH because I'm obsessed with Kyle. Again, the hair.

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Oooh this is a new one for us. It's on Friday nights so I DVR it Since I have such a slammin' social life? to watch once Trey is in bed. I love seeing the new businesses and watching the "sharks" fight over them if they are good and reject them if not. It's fun times all around! Watch it!

Beloved Old Shows...

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THE HILLS! LC! Heidi! Audrina! Whitney! Yes, I used to have "Hills parties" at my house every week. And I may or may not have kept my "Team LC" shirt that I made for them when I was cleaning out my closet.

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I love Jessica Simpson, so much so I busted these DVD's out of the vault the other day for a little marathon!

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And last but not least by any means ~ Sex and the City. I am a Charlotte-wannabe-with-Carrie's-Shoes-puh-lease.

Please note: this is NOT on the movie list. And that is not a mix up. My die hard SATC fans know what's up.

I hope y'all have enjoyed this! I have been taking a break from a lot of TV watching lately in favor of some chick-lit-reads but I am excited for new fall shows! And the premiere of Up All Night. That ish looks HILARIOUS!

Don't forget - it's not too late if you want to join in! Just Go visit Katie's Blog!


Cheryl E. said...

I have never even heard of breaking bad. Now I must watch! I am right there with you on all your shows...especially any and everything Kadashians!

Sam said...

Yes! The Hills! I recently watched every episode from Season 1 to 6 on Netflix. So great. I think I'm going to do Laguna Beach next!

I also share a Kardashian obsession. I think Kourtney is such a great mom. They are what I miss the most about cable.