Thursday, September 1, 2011

The "F" Word

Back in the day because I'm old now yo... my dear friend, M (Hi Doll!!!) and I decided that the word Fall was a bad word. We are beach babies through and through and the F-word is simply a prelude to cold, icky, nasty weather. I don't mind the cooler temps, the pumpkin spiced lattes, and heck I am a HUGE fan of Halloween, I even enjoy them.

It's just knowing that the type of cold where you can't even think about leaving the house unless it's absolutely necessary is right around the corner that bothers me. Gives me nightmares really.

And yes, I'm SURE those of you that live up north are laughing at me. It's ok. I'm a whimp. It's cool. No shame in mah game.

But this year, and probably JUST this year, I'm going to embrace this whole "f-word" with all that I've got. I'm sure that it has something to do with the fact that I'm excited to see Trey partake in all of the fun fall activities like the pumpkin patch, Hawl-o-scream, Boo at the Zooe, etc. and not sweating to death at the park, or worrying about the both of us being eaten alive if I accidentally forget the bug spray at home.

(Not that that has happened or anything... just don't look at our ankles... kay?)

So here I am putting my favorite pinned things out for the world to see as well as a statement:

Bring it F-word, I'm ready for you!

Source: via Beach on Pinterest

Source: None via Beach on Pinterest


Mallory said...

Can you please make me that pumpkin French toast? And kudos for not using the word. I vote its okay after labor day! (and that's a cute phrase that rhymes!)

Legallyblondemel said...

I used to be 100% with you on this, but now that I'm in Texas I look forward to the "f word".

I'm also looking forward to introducing my guy to all of the fun fall things like "The Great Pumpkin".

KM said...

I have never been a summer person. That is until I had C in my life. I have had a blast this summer, so I kinda feel like I am getting the F-word bluez right now. I know, once the F-word comes I will snap out of it! I love all your pins in this post! The one with the "Trick or Treat" banner is my fave!


Sarah said...

I used to be a summer girl all the way. Being from Florida, we only had two seasons: summer and "winter" (winter in Florida is like fall in most other states). But now that I live in Virginia, I really love Fall and kind of wish there was only fall and summer!