Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Missoni Madness

AKA... Part of my quest to break out of the Mom-Uniform

I can't remember when Missoni first caught my eye but I'm going to guess it was in a magazine what feels like a million years ago!

You can of course imagine that I rejoiced and celebrated with many others when it was announced that my favorite store (Target - duh) was set to debut a line this Fall.

I stalked the look books on fashion sites, texted with some of my girlfriends for weeks, plotting about the morning of September 13th.

I decided to hoof it rather than trying to go through and hit up my local Target at 8am on Tuesday morning. There were a bunch of other ladies, some nice, some snooty - but no fights broke out like what I heard happened in a California Target. I saw a few overly full carts that were clearly headed home to be put up on eBay.

I was lucky though! I got everything I wanted and then some! My haul - 2 Dresses, 2 cardigans, a ruana, flats and heels!

And then today I fell in love with this gem! Thanks to my Twitter friends, I decided I *needed* it!

I'm on the fence about a couple pieces, luckily I have a mom-friend coming over for a playdate tomorrow and to assess the dress situation! I'll let y'all know what I end up keeping and what goes back!

Did you score any Missoni for Target? Did you think the website crashing was a marketing ploy? Because I totally do! Regardless, well done Target, well done!


Kodi said...

Yes about the website! You cannot convince me that they had more traffic than they do on cyber Monday, and their website is built to handle that! :) It also took WAY too long for them to get it back up for me to be convinced it wasn't intentional.

You already know I love all of your finds! :)

Shannon said...

That coat is ADORABLE!!! I love it!

Cheryl E. said...

Love all your pieces. Glad you decided to get the coat. :)

LG said...

I forgot about it till I got your tweet that day, and then i rushed right over! I bouht several things and took it all back but the plates, box and one cardigan. I wish they had that velour hoodie in Medium cause I did love that but I am happy with what I got. My husband... noy so much. He said it is " all ugly and looks like curtains and You have clearly lost your sense of fashion" HA he also calls it "moosolinie" by mistake.. LMAO

Happiness Is... said...

I like the coat a lot! I am not as big on the other patterns only because I think they are so distinctive - meaning, everyone immediately knows what it is, which I guess is sort of the point, but I like to find unique pieces. And, I totally agree that the website thing is a joke. I mean, come on. Websites from mass retailers don't crash like that. When else has a major store's website gone down? Total ploy.

Legallyblondemel said...

I completely agree that the website & weensy supply given the huge marketing budget / Target audience is all just clever Target marketing. I bought into it too, obviously, but - well played, marketing gurus!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the coat! I tried to get on the website. I think it really just crashed.

AndreaLeigh said...

that coat is gorgeous! the color is wonderful on you! and girl, you look SO THIN!

I wasn't really into missoni, but I did get flats. I went to Target at 3pm that day and surprising there was still a lot of pieces left.