Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 Months

Trey turned 6 months on February 4th! I can't believe it's already been half a year since he was born! It's all going by way too fast - I feel like he is turning into such a big boy!

This has been an exciting time around here. From 5 months to 6 months we have gone through so many changes. He is now sitting up playing so well by himself. He still gets a little wobbly here and there but all in all he's very solid.
He had his first cold right after he turned 5 months and I ended up sick at the same time. Daddy was great and stayed home and helped us get back on track. It was so scary to see him sick and not wanting to eat (that's very unusual - he really will eat anything). Since he was having tummy issues we went ahead and started with bananas for his first solid. From there we moved on to sweet potatoes, apples and pears.
He is still trying his hardest to crawl but right at 5 1/2 months he started being able to scoot backwards across the room. He doesn't realize that he's doing it - it just happens once he gets his belly up and pushes. Once he finally realizes he's going in the opposite direction of mommy/daddy/puppies/toys he gets really upset and usually starts crying. It's so hard not to laugh!
Right before he turned 6 months he really started playing by himself, in his exersaucer or jumper by himself for longer periods of time. And while it makes me so sad to see him growing up and relying on me less, I know that it's good for him.
He's really enjoying lots of new toys, textures and putting anything and everything he can get his hands on in his mouth! He's very curious and it's starting to get a little more challenging to take his monthly pictures - or even eat sometimes - he literally just wants to go PLAY!
He's all boy!

And one of my most favorite bloggers, D from All Things G&D always did monthly stats for her daughter Kate and I really enjoyed reading them - so I thought I would incorporate them (and add favorite books, favorite songs and what Mommy is reading) into Trey's monthly posts as well!

Trey's 6 Month Stats

Bedtime: between 8pm and 9pm

Wake-Up: anytime between 8am and 9:15 am

Naps: Naps aren't Trey's strong suite but he is getting much better and I'm working on a better flex-schedule during the day. He usually has 1-2 long-ish naps (1-2 hours each) and 1 cat nap mixed in somewhere

Bottles: (This was the first month I wasn't EBF - that's another very long emotional post for another day but feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions) 4 bottles a day, 7-8 oz for each one (About 30 oz a day)

Foods: Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Pears

Developmental Milestones & Firsts: Eating, "Crawling" backwards, playing by himself, sitting up for longer periods of time without assistance

Favorite Toys: Sophie (she will be on this list forever), Move and Crawl Ball (he is OBSESSED with this), Melissa & Doug Wooden Frog

Favorite Books: Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton, The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton, Bears in the Night by Jan Berenstain

Favorite Songs: The Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, When you Wish Upon a Star

Mommy Books: What to Expect the First Year by Arlene Eisenberg, My Two Year Old Eats Octopus by Nancy Tringali Piho


Ashley Paige said...

Happy Six Months, sweet boy! They sure weren't kidding when they said time flies- I don't even want to blink it goes so fast now!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I can not believe he's 6 months old! He's so big and adorable!

Cheryl E. said...

I am loving the monthly onesie! I am so upset I missed out on that, I see all these adorable babies and posts and wish I had got on it earlier. :(

He is such a big boy! I hear all these raves about this Sophie giraffe teething toy. I am totally going to have to get one! I am going to have to look into this ball you speak of too...sounds like a perfect toy for a little guy our sons ages.

A Wedding Story said...

6 months already? WOW! Time flies. He is so cute!

Mrs. Smith said...

ohmigosh. He's so cute.


This doesn't happen often, but he makes me want one of my own!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

He is adorable! Look at that little ladykiller smile!!

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway, be sure to check it out :)

LG said...

Oh I love that post!! He is so sweet and cute! Im gonna have to check out the toys he loves! Peebs does not enjoy being on the floor! He wants to be in his saucer all the time!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He is so it! This age is so fun...never a dull moment for sure! :)

Jules said...

He is going to be 1 before you know it and these photos are adorable! I’m so glad that you and Trey are both doing well. He sounds like he is a good sleeper and loves to play. I bet he’ll be crawling forwards very soon.

The 2nd book that you’re reading sounds very interesting. I think it’s good to get kids to like different things.

coolkids said...

Just found our blog! He is adorable. newest follower.

AndreaLeigh said...

sweet baby! happy 6 months!