Saturday, February 5, 2011

iPhone Randoms

This sweet little guy turned 6 months yesterday! It's all happening too fast. I cried twice.

They are going to have to admit me when he starts school.

We're having a little family get together next weekend to celebrate Trey's 6 month *birthday* and I love these plates & napkins. JD & I are big Paul Frank fans.

Also need to go back and get this top for next year. JDs really into music - I think he will love it!

Worked out - outside - yesterday morning. I had Tret wrapped up all Eskimo-like!

We're ready for the Super Bowl! We're headed to a party at JDs uncle's house (um yea. Because he has a literal movie theater IN his home) I die. And I got suckered into making my famous buffalo chicken dip. I'll be sure to take a pic so I can share the recipe with y'all!

Trey and I spend most of our days in our jammies. Playing on the floor. And I love it so much more than I ever knew I could.

And shoes. So cute. SUCH a pain! I put them back on no less than 100x this day!!

And last but not least. I love having goals for this month. They are really motivating me and I feel great about it!!

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

Sweet boy!! I can't believe he is 6 months old!

Gracie Beth said...

He is so cute!

Lis @ ATruckerWife said...

Adorable! But I refuse to believe he's 6 months old!

Gwen said...

Awe!!! He's getting so big!!! He's still so stinking adorable!!! XOXO