Thursday, February 10, 2011

Current Baby Favorites

I thought I would share some things that are currently rocking my world in the baby category.

1. JJ Cole Bundle Me - I know that these are controversial with some but we love them. It's so much nicer than a blanket/jacket combo during this crazy snow. I'm very cautious to make sure Trey is snuggled into it as well as making sure the straps to the car seat are the correct tightness. This is a definite must-have in my book. (FYI I was able to find mine last summer at TJ Maxx for $16! A steal!)

2. You will notice that every picture that involves Trey and his car seat also has this cute little giraffe in it as well. If you're not a mom I'd like to introduce you to Sophie La Giraffe (aka your new go-to baby shower gift). And if you're already a mom, I'm sure you already know her and/or her friends. Trey has been obsessed with Sophie for what feels like forever now. And even though my husband wants to call her an extremely overpriced dog toy, I don't care. In this mom's eyes - she is worth every penny! I often consider ordering another one "just in case".

3. Consignment Shops - before I had Trey I didn't think twice about consignment stores. The one I had went to was messy, hard to navigate, and just didn't have anything I needed. Well turns out sometimes you need to look around. I've now found a few great ones close by. When the time came to get Trey a jumper I just couldn't justify $130+ after all the money we had spent on Christmas gifts. So I looked on Craigslist, didn't find what I needed. I then checked out a local consignment shop and was able to get this almost brand new jumper. (The tag says 2009 and it's in great shape) for - $30! He loves it and I won't feel bad that he will outgrow it soon and I'll throw it in the attic until our next little one needs it. (Which might I add, will be a very long time from now.)

See? He loves it!

4. Last but not least by any means. I am LOVING Plum Organics and the Boon spoon that attaches to them. I have a review of their products coming your way but I am so in love with this system I just couldn't wait any longer to share.

Is this not the coolest thing ever for on the go feedings? And just a little tip - ALL of the Plum Organics pouches are on sale at Babies R Us right now - 10 for $10! I went and stocked up for the second time yesterday!


Cheryl E. said...

I am loving your blog! Super cute! Our baby boys are very similar in age...mine was born in July.

I keep hearing about this Sophie teether and I think you have sold me...I just might have to get this for my little man today. Amazon here I come :)

How do I follow you? I dont see a follow button. What am I missing?

LG said...

I have to agree with all of that! We have those items too and I have bee very pleased! Especially with the bundle me cause I can use it on his stroller or car seat!

LG said...

BTW I am so glad you are back into blogging again!!

Jillian said...

loved Em's jumperoo!!

Jules said...

His dimples kill me! He is so darn cute.

I have a baby shower to attend this month and I’m thinking the giraffe might be an excellent idea as an extra little gift!

That’s awesome you got such a great deal on the jumper. Some baby things seem so expensive for what will only be used for a short period of time. You made a good move with that!

That is such a cool concept for the baby food.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

The Sophie comment made me laugh! My hubs calls it the very same thing. But you'll be surprised how hard he'll look for her when she goes missing!

Susannah said... Those dimples are INSANE! He is so cute!

AndreaLeigh said...

love the plum organics. their meal packets are wonderful; cooper eats them right up.

have you tried mums yet?