Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Loving Today

Boogie Wipes - we can't live without these around here. Trey wakes up a lot of mornings with dry skin under his nose and these help clean it up and moisturize that sensitive skin under his nose. They also smell delish. I may or may not use them myself now when my allergies are acting up!

OPI's Bring on the Bling! This is what I got on my toes the other day at my pedicure. It's silly, non-traditional and super fun! I love it! Makes me want to go to Vegas...

I am OBSESSED with the Boon Squirt spoon that we gave Trey for Valentine's Day! (Picture from the Boon site) It works so well and the food doesn't get stuck in it! So easy and it even has a cap for when the baby doesn't finish all of the food in it (but... that doesn't happen in our house!). This was another amazing recommendation from my sweet friend LG at iGriza.

And lastly, another recommendation from LG - the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. We call this Trey's iPhone! He is always looking at our phones so when I gave him this and it lighted up and played music we were sold!
I'm actually not into Baby Einstein videos. (I know, I know, I'm definitely the minority around here.) But I LOVE the toys that Baby Einstein makes. This one is a total WIN!


AndreaLeigh said...

love me some boogie wipes!

i love all of opi's glitter polishes. check out teenage dream - it is the perfect sparkly pink!

Jules said...

Boogie wipes…hysterical! They sound very useful too.

I’m all about the sparkle and glitter polish is so fun to change things up. Love that color.

The spoon does sound great and I’m all for toys that entertain the kiddes :)

P.S. I'm with Andrea. Teenage Dream is such a great sparkly pink color.

Sonja said...

I;m glad you posted this because I was going to ask about Boogie Wipes on Twitter! haha I had that toy on our registry for K & I'm going back to get it. I just wish Baby Einstein made some things look a little more girly!

Michelle said...

I just bought two polishes from the Justin Bieber line for OPI (at Walmart) and both are sparkly and one even has hearts! I have every intention of giving them to Malia, but I think I might have to "test" them first. ;)