Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Getting to Starbucks in some of his new clothes! I LOVE these pants on him!

Sleeping on Da-da at Starbucks while everyone catches up!

We had a pretty quiet weekend around here, which is nice for a change!

Friday evening we went to dinner with my Mom. Trey sat in the high chair at the Mexican restaurant and had some pumpkin in the boon spoon. As soon as he was done he was trying to knock chips over and bang toys around - it was crazy! He's turning in to such a little kid!

Saturday morning we did our usual Starbucks morning routine with our BFFs, their baby and my friend J's parents came too - they are awesome. Totally the type of parents every kid wishes they had! JD had to go work on some studying at the library (he's taking part of the CPA this week) so Trey and I went to Carter's to do a little Spring shopping.
Afterwards Trey and I came home, took a nap and then it was time to go to the BFF's house for dinner. We had amazing chicken tacos and Samoas for dessert.

As a side note: the beach bum household did not buy any girl scout cookies this year since I'm trying to lose weight. But DARN were those cookies AMAZING!! Thanks J for sharing!

Sunday morning we went back to the BFF's (I know, we basically live there - they are right down the street for anyone who is wondering!) for brunch. They had eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream, CHOCOLATE CHIP pancakes. You're hungry just reading this right? It was ah-mazing.

Trey and I headed to a baby shower this afternoon for one of my neighbors. It's her second little girl in 18 months so it was just a "diaper shower". I thought it was a little weird that she was having another shower but she is so sweet that I just hopped on Amazon - ordered her the biggest box of 1-2's and was on my way. I had a great time catching up with all of my neighbors.

We live in a great neighborhood. And by great I don't mean the biggest, nicest houses, the best location, or the most amazing yards (they are TINY) I mean it's great because not 1 day goes by that I don't have some sort of communication with my neighbors. We had our sweet neighbor B over for dinner tonight even. Her fiance is in the military so when he's gone we make sure to invite her to do things often because I know she can get lonely. Whenever I get annoyed with something about my home I realize no matter what I will never find awesome neighbors like these ever again.

So really, not that exciting of a post. But I'm still working hard on trying to post often as well as reading other peoples posts, commenting here and there as well as trying to find new blogs to read. I'm really glad that this has been one of my goals this month because I am really enjoying it!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo


Classy Fab Sarah said...

I loved growing up in a neighborhood with awesome neighbors who were like family... such a priceless experience.

I love those lil madras pants! Too cute.

LG said...

Great neighbors are SO important! I have always had shitty neighbors before this house and I love them all! That will be very hard when moving!
PB is also now grabbing at everything on the table! It shocked me that we are already that old! HA

Tiny Ocean said...

so envious. we currently live in a condo and I loooooong for a neighborhood with friendly neighbors.

i was wondering about that Boon Spoon...sounds like it's pretty useful.

Jules said...

I am getting hungry reading this. It sounds like you had some delicious food over the weekend, especially breakfast and chicken tacos. That’s awesome that your BFF lives so close.

That was nice of you to go to the shower anyway and bring your neighbor diapers. You know she’ll use them!

Living is a nice place with good neighbors is such a great thing. I told Geof that whenever we move, I want to interview the neighbors before moving in…LOL!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I so want a neighborhood like that! I have never had good neighbors and that really drags down the appeal. Next place I live better have some good neighbors.

The Pink Tutu said...

He is such a cutie! And wow that brunch sounds amazing!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my goodness I love your "non push present" it is gorgeous!! Ill take a pic soon and show you what my husband suprised me with. Sounds like we have some great guys :)

AndreaLeigh said...

i wish I lived in that kind of neighborhood. there just isn't much interaction. I say hi and wave, but that's about it.