Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Randoms

I don't have much - just a bunch of random thoughts for the day:

  • Trey and I tried out The Little Gym on Wednesday - we LOVED it. Full Mommy & Me post to follow.
  • We also started going to story time at the library - again total win! Some of our "Little Gym" friends were there. Very exciting for Trey & I both.

The day I got my car! I still love it that much!
  • But I found out later today that my 4Runner was part of the Toyota recall. I'm taking my mats out asap.

  • These are the bottles we use. We originally had 6 glass and then went and bought 3 plastic. The plastic are for travel and now that Trey is holding bottles himself sometimes (the glass bottles say not to let the baby feed themselves with it). Lets discuss how I didn't know you needed to change the nipple to a different flow once the baby got older. I kept wondering why Trey was getting frustrated and fidgety when he was eating. We were apparently using a Level 1 nipple (what they came with) and we should have been up to a Level 3. I went out and picked up 8 new ones today. Well worth the money spent!

  • I also didn't know about these until Ashley over at I Love You More Than Carrots mentioned them! I called up the pediatrician. (Because I am a crazy-new-mom and call about everything --- Mangoes? No! Yogurt? No! Baby Mums? Yes!) It was nice to hear a yes! And be able to try something new! We started them this evening and Trey LOVES them! I thought they were pretty tasty too!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow!! I know we are all READY for the weekend!!


Lindsey said...

Connor is going on 9 months and he still can't handle level 3 nipples. Just goes all over the place.

Have you checked out the website, ? It has all the recommendations about when to introduce foods, etc. Mango and yogurt are after 8 months. I could spend hours on that site!

rachel said...

I have a 4-Runner, too... I thought it was just the Highlanders that were part of the recall?

Tiny Ocean said...

how fun...I so need to join some mom and me groups and branch out into the community.

question: did it take long for Trey to like formula? My babes really hates it.

LG said...

I need to hear more about the mum mums!