Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currently Loving

Ok, tell me I'm not the only one sucked into The Carrie Diaries. I was a HUGE SATC fan back in the day and I am so obsessed with this show! 

Big shout out to my friend, J for telling me about this beast of a handheld vacuum! Loving it. Works great on stairs, small spaces and it has an attachment that spins - awesome for pet hair. You can find it here (don't forget your 20% off coupon)! 

I picked up one of these Burt's Bees Lip shimmers on a whim one day while at Target and let's just say I think I have almost every color now - they are really moisturizing and kind of pepperminty with a perfect smidge of color. Love them! 

We are so obsessed with our Citrus Lane boxes - this is the one from January! The plates are my favorite and I know that Trey likes the book (with cd!) the best. Getting these little surprises in the mail each month is so awesome. Right now you can save $10 off your by using this link or clicking that citrus lane button on my sidebar! 

What are you currently loving?


Patti said...

The vacuum, does it work really, really well for dog hair? I need something that will work for my car.

Anonymous said...

I got the Burt's Bees lip stuff in a Bluum box, I believe...and I love it! The color and that minty feeling.

I haven't watched The Carrie Diaries, but am also a huge SATC fan with every season on DVD, so, I wanted to give it a whirl.