Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trey's Current Favorites (30 months)

I often share what I'm currently loving so I thought it would be fun to do a blog post of the things that Trey is really enjoying right now! 

Melissa & Doug - Band in a Box 

Since Trey has been so into music and instruments lately when he asked for this on a recent Barnes & Noble trip I had no problem saying "ok" because I knew he would get a ton of use out of it. It's fun to sit down with him and have him "assign" instruments to J.D. and I and play songs together. 

Choo Choo soul - the CD 

If your little one watches Disney Jr. there is a good chance you've heard of Choo Choo soul. Trey FREAKS when it comes on! And I'll be real - I am pretty much over the Mickey & Jake & the Neverland Pirates cds in the car so I used part of my Big Fat Ebates check (woo hoo for free money!) to buy this tonight - it'll be here on Monday and that can't come fast enough! 

Plum Organics - Jammy Sammy's 

I used to buy these when Trey was really small and then for some reason stopped (maybe because they are small - but really - they are a great size for a quick snack or in addition to some other things). Well, I ordered them again the other day and Trey has been eating them up! I literally bought every flavor that Ecomom has and he has enjoyed them all. The ones without peanut butter have been a great addition for his lunch at school!

Melissa & Doug - Trunki

I ordered this cute Trunki for our upcoming Disney trip but it's oddly turned into one of his favorite "toys" in the meanwhile. He loves filling it up, pulling it through the house and of course, riding on it!


Thermos Food Jar - Foogo in Tripoli

(Ok, this one may be more of one of my favorite things for him.. but he loves what's inside!)

When it's super cold outside I like sending Trey to school with a warm lunch - this thermos has been awesome for sending chicken nuggets to school in (we like these by Applegate Farms - whole foods sells a big bag), but I'll also do meatballs, hot dogs or sausage! 

What is your little one loving right now?


Jennifer said...

That trunki is adorable!!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Ashley said...

that food thermos is a great idea! Luke is NOT into sandwiches, just like his Daddy, so I often wonder what I'll do when he has to pack a lunch for school. Chicken nuggets in one of these is the perfect solution!