Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Let's start this off with the most exciting thing to happen around here - it SNOWED on Friday. Like actual stick-to-the-ground and make snow balls, snow!

I ran and woke Trey up from his nap as soon as it started to stick and we ran outside to play in it.

Why, you might ask?


It doesn't snow often 'round these parts so I wanted to make sure Trey got to see it.

But it didn't stop. We went inside to warm up and J.D. called and told me he was on his way home! Trey and I were SO excited!! Once he got here we went back out for round 2 and by this time we were able to make snow angels and throw snowballs with a bunch of our favorite neighbors. It was such a fun time for everyone but especially all of the kids around Trey's age who hadn't really seen snow before!! They didn't even know what to do with themselves!

Once we got back inside I showed J.D. Trey's new furniture that had been delivered and placed that morning. Our plan was to leave Trey's crib (which we hadn't converted to a toddler bed) in his room and just have the delivery people place the other items wherever so that we could paint this weekend and then maybe switch him to his new bed next weekend.

Well.... Trey had other plans.

Pretending to sleep on Friday afternoon
When I went to put him down for his nap Friday afternoon he cried "Noooooo crib, sweepy in my biiiiiig boy bed."

So. Friday night we took the crib apart.

And guess what?

He did great. Really great! Slept just as long as normal which is 8-8ish! Naps have been slightly shorter at about 2 hours instead of 2 1/2.

He told J.D. the next day that his new room was "a wittle scareee". I can't blame him for that. The only things that haven't changed yet are the wall color and the drapes. He also spent WAY more time playing in there this weekend than he ever has before - every time I turned around he was off to "go play in my big boy room". I'm very, very glad he likes it so much!

Saturday we hung around the house, played in the snow a little bit more and then when the cabin fever had gotten the best of us we headed out to our favorite Mexican restaurant!

Trey's had a pretty bad runny nose this weekend - so I picked up a fresh pack of boogie wipes and a new vicks plug in to help him breathe a little better in his sleep.

Once we put Trey down for bed JD and I decided to order a movie. 

I picked this. We had watched the preview for it Friday night and it looked funny. 

Right. Because oh, about 3 seconds into the movie....

J.D.: "We've seen this"
Me: "Huh? no we haven't!"

Hmmm yea maybe we have....

Me:  "Gosh we should have watched the preview first!!"
J.D.: "We did!..... LAST NIGHT"

So... about that.... 

Tell me I'm not the only one that this has happened to. Puh-lease.

Jams in jammies while Mama was at the store!
Today was spent working on random things around the house, a grocery trip for me while the guys played at home and just getting ready for the week. Nothing exciting at all! 

Now I'm off to snuggle up by the fireplace in J.D.'s office and catch up on some DVR! Perfect Sunday night! 

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Jen Watts said...

The pics of your little man in the snow are AMAZING! My favorite pics ever!! The big girl room scares the crap out of me...not gonna lie..So glad Trey did well :)