Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

On the days that Trey has school I pick him up at 1pm and we head straight home. And by straight home I mean after playing in the courtyard with his friends while I chit-chat with their mamas.

Since it was gross and raining today we all headed to our cars. Trey was in a super silly mood, as was I and we were both getting DOWN to some "mouskersize" in the car.

When we pulled up to our house I wasn't quite ready for the fun to end. I asked myself "What would J.D. do?"

(Why? Becuase he's the "fun" parent. I strive but I will just never be as naturally fun as he is. It's just not in my DNA.....but I'm working on it.) 

Then it hit me. I said "Trey! I have an IDEA! Do you want me to go grab your big coat and boots so we can splash in the puddles?!?!?" You would have thought he won the lottery. "YEA!!! SPLAAASH PUUUDDLES!!!" "LET'S DO IT! TIME TO ROLL!!"

So we did. Both of us. Until our faces were red from the rain and cold.

It was perfect. 

I love sharing my life with this little boy. 

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Ashley said...

precious! every picture, every word, all of it! :) you ARE a fun mom :)