Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes We All Just Need a Laugh

I mean, RIGHT?!

I've never even seen Twilight and I can't stand that chick... 

Isn't this why they invented Pinterest? 

Source: via Beach on Pinterest


Source: via Beach on Pinterest

Dog shaming. I love it. I need this for when Zoe runs away!!! 

And for all of my fellow PLL fans... RIGHT?!?!

Hope this got a laugh out of some of y'all!!! 


Courtney said...

Amen!! I still can't believe Toby is part of the "A" team. Why?! Love the magic carpet one. Girl needs so facial expression lessons.

Rae said...

These are all so funny. That last one... shiver. Spencer crying at his door was so hard to watch. Dammit Toby.

Ashley said...

ohmygosh that Pinterest one is SO ME! I even made a bookmark on our Safari bar that says, "mama's wish list" and links to my Pinterest wish list board! sadly hubs still doesn't use it!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Love the first one! I'll hum or mumble along, but then bust it out when it comes to the chorus. :)