Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Just thought I'd share some randoms of what has been happening in the BB&B household as of late.
  • I got to meet up with this twinsie and have dinner with some awesome new friends, Ashley & Sarah this past weekend. We had Mexican (yum) and shopped at TJ Maxx Perfect night, no? I picked up some chalkboard mason jars to use as Valentine's Day teacher gifts and a huge chalkboard that I'm in love with!
  • The weather here has been insane. Hot-cold-rain-repeat BUT we did get to go to the zoo with Trey's besties (Hiiiii E&J!) last week and it was SO much fun, the boys all had a great time it and the most perfect temperature. Our highlight of the trip? The train. It's always the train.
  • Trey started his new computer class at school yesterday and has talked about it non-stop since he got in the car at pick up. I love how silly he is and all of the funny things that he says these days. 
  • Speaking of, after I left the other day for dinner Trey apparently sat on the floor, put his head in his hands and said "mama? maaamaaa? This is tewwibul....." JD and I still couldn't stop laughing about it. Where do they come up with this stuff? 
  • I'm completely obsessed with Mrs. Meyers products right now and cannot get enough of the "Basil" scent (which, honestly, I had never smelled before because it sounded gross. It's so not.)  I even "yelled" at J.D. for using a different spray in the kitchen the other night.
  • I'm in such a post-Chrsitmas funk. I always feel like January to March go by so SLOW and boring. I will say I have enjoyed all of the new tv shows on in the evenings, Revenge and Nashville especially! 
That's about it for us right now, nothing too terribly exciting! I just read on our local weather blog that we may get some snow at the end of the week - trying not to get my hopes up but we rarely see any here and it would be so fun!!

Trey's first! And only! Snow at 4.5 months - December 2010


Kim said...

Trey is so adorable!! I love following you on the blog and instagram!! I wish we could get some snow down here by the beach! It never happens, but the weather had literally been in the 70's all week! I'm sad we are going to lose it this weekend!

Ashley Paige said...

I was just thinking about the boys' first snows (or lack thereof)! I came across some adorable pictures of baby Carter stuffed into a much-too-big snowsuit laying in the front yard while it flurried around him and thought to myself.. Oh, poor Mac! He hasn't even seen much snow yet! Not that I really want some. It's great for, like, a day.. and then I'm over it!!

Ashley said...

John knows not to talk to me during Nashville! I love that show!

Dinner was so, SO fun. Next time I think we need to do it in VB and hit up our favorite Marshall's. :)

Let's get together to get rid of this rainy, post-Christmas funk!