Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ABC's of Me

It's been a while since I have done one of these fun blog "survey" things, so I thought it would be fun!

My 27th birthday
Age: 29 years

Our Room

Bed size: Queen (me, JD, Zoe, Lulu and now Trey playing in the morning - equals - WAY too small)

Chore you hate: dusting baseboards.. ugh

Dogs: Lulu & Zoe

Essential start of your day: COFFEE (y'all so already knew that)

Fave color: Depends on the day, I've been loving aqua-turqouise for a while now!

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5'7"

Instruments I play: ha! Good one

Job title: Mommy to Trey

Kids: Trey!!!

Live: at da beach!

Mom’s name: Crazy...

Nicknames: Lis and apparently control freak... thanks babe.

Overnight hospital stays: When I had Trey and I have stayed with my mom in the hospital overnight a ton of times

Pet peeve: people who are late

Quote from a movie: "You have a baby, in a bar" (Sorry, it's all I could come up with)

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 brother (RIP), one Sis-in-law, one Bro-in-law

Time you wake up: Trey is my alarm so anytime betweet 8 and 9

Underwear: Hanky Pankies

Veg you dislike: mushrooms

What makes you run late: Trey's poop and or spit up

X-rays you have had done: ankle, leg

Yummy food you make: cake pops - I hope to have some new pictures for y'all soon!

Zoo Animal, favorite: Pandas! Love them!!

Let me know if you play along - I love reading these!


Unknown said...

Love this! So cute! And how dare you post pics of cake pops...now I am craving some cake!

This last 5 pounds is never going to come off..haha

Shannon Dew said...

O love the quote you picked!!!! Live that movie, it was just in the other day & I had to watch even though I own it!

The Shabby Princess said...

Love that you posted pictures with this! And dusting baseboards is the WORST!

Emily said...

Great idea! I may have to do one of these in a few days too.

I'm a new follower to your blog. If you're looking for something to do instead of dusting baseboards, please stop by and visit me at www.naptimeismytime.com!


Brittany said...

Is it sad I know your quote is from Sweet Home Alabama?? haha

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

That cake pop bouquet is so cute! I still have yet to try one of yours. If you come to NY for the wedding, you HAVE to bring me one to try!

Jules said...

I think I already knew most of this, but didn’t realize we’re the same height. Just another thing we have in common! I always love reading these. The bedding in your room is really pretty. Between 8 and 9 isn’t a bad time to wake up with having a baby. He’s such a good sleeper.

I can’t wait to see some of your new cake pop creations. You always display and decorate them so nice!