Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Goals: Update

March Goals {Updates in orange}

1. Try out Stroller Strides & Look for another Mommy & Me-type activity - {Fail. I didn't do either of these. I will say I have become pretty close with a few of the girls from Story-time and Little Gym and we have started doing our own activities outside of the groups. That has been really exciting.}
Since I didn't make it to SS last month that is one of my priorities for this month. And since we are loving Little Gym and the Library so much I'd like to see what else is out there

2. Lose 4 more lbs - {I'm down 2 more!! It's not 4 but I'm still happy. I'm back in my pre-pregnancu jeans and tried on a few size Medium things at Target the other day. It definitely gave me motivation to keep going. Oh, and I probably would have made it to for had J not given me Amish (un)Friendship bread. Friends don't let friends get fat! LOL} I'd like to lose 4 more lbs (which I realize is WAY more realistic than 8 a month) and work on being healthier overall. More fruit, veggies & water! Working on cutting down on my coke zero habit, but baby steps people, baby steps.

3. Dive deeper into blogging - {Nope. I wrote a post one night. Started crying, deleted, re-wrote, cried some more, repeat. I'm having a hard time with some family things. Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I promise I'll write about it soon, it's just hard for me.} I love that I did so great blogging frequently in February but this month I'd like to work on some more serious posts. I need to write about my Mom, Trey's silent reflux and when I stopped breast feeding. All of these things make me very emotional but I'd like to share the journey of each one.

4. Re-organize my closet & Trey's closet - {I did Trey's and I did the hall closet. Hope to do mine this month!} I need some serious help. Neither are a complete mess but they just aren't organized in a super-functional way. I'll be posting before and after pictures. And have any of you seen any cute cheap baskets anywhere? The ones I want at Target are $20 each and I need way too many for that to work.

5. Menu Planning - {Eh. 50/50. Definitely LOTS of room for improvement on this. I have been doing awesome at stocking up. AND... I'm still fast food free! It was hard because one day all I wanted was Chick-fil-a!! I need this will-power to carry over into other areas of my life!} We've been doing great not eating out and stocking up but we are still doing quite a few "what do you want" "well, what do you want" dances around 6pm every night. I'm hoping to alleviate that some.
P.S. I haven't had fast food once in 2011! That's right - not even Chick-fil-a! I know this will end at some point and I'll just need to use that will power to order a salad!

6. Get a haircut & make dr. appt - {Yes and Yes!! I got my hair cut and made my Dr. appt!} It's so sad I have to put these on here. I haven't had a haircut in 5 months and I need to make my ahem womanly appt. I've just been stalling on both. Time to get them done!

7. Read a non-baby related, fiction, fun book - {Yes! I'm almost done with Mini Shopaholic!} I downloaded the newest Shopaholic book on the iPad a million years ago when it first came out and I still haven't read it. I'd really like to put down "What to Expect the First Year" and do some fun reading for myself!

I'll have my April goals up tomorrow!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Way to go! You did great this month!

I'd definitely suggest checking TJ Maxx / Marshalls for baskets for organization. Sometimes they have a ton, sometimes none.

Unknown said...

Seems like you did good with your goals. Better then I did at least..haha. I hope everything works out iwth your family situation. I know issues involving your family can get very sticky. Also, you are amazing STILL not having any fast food. I dont know how you do it and especially with Chick fil a. That is my must have!

Have a fab weekend :)

mrs.mfc said...

I mean, wasn't your last monthly update like... yesterday?!?! WHERE did this month go?!?! Oh my goodness this year is flying by!

Tiny Ocean said...

i think you did great this month with your goals! It's hard enough raising a baby but adding "goals" on top of it... that is quite something! You should be proud of what you've accomplished so's a lot :)

Ashley said...

Good for you girly! I can't wait to read your delving deeper posts! I bet they will cathartic for you!

Sonya said...

I totally need to make a hair appointment! I just hate calling!

Natalie said...

I joined Stroller Strides in my area and trying to make it there at least twice a week...however last week I went ZERO! I feel your pain! :)