Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPhone Randoms: iPad, Target, Etc.

Yep, we got the new iPad 2, loving it so far! Skyping with the sister-in-law on it has been super fun! Way easier to carry that around than the laptop while chatting with her!

We did have to visit the Apple store last week and exchange the iPad for a different one - you could see some weird light coming through on the left hand corner. This is apparently a known problem and could be due to the glue in it not being completely dry (strange) and may resolve itself. They were super nice and replaced it with some they keep in the back for times like this.

How much do you love this Mac Book bag? I about died over it - the inside is super nice and soft too! I really need to get a bag for mine!

While we were at the mall I ran in Coach bc my keychain had broken - they were super helpful and replaced it for this pretty purple one (my old one was the same but orange to match the accents on my diaper bag). I love being able to have my car keys and house keys separate or together!

I picked these cuties up for Trey at a local gift shop! Aren't they adorable?!

Trey and I had planned on doing a Target Tuesday post but that didn't happen - here is what we found!

I am in love with all of the Caldrea products! These two in particular smell amazing! And the price is right!

I'd love to have the candles of them too!! I should have taken a picture of them out of the box because the jars that they are in are gorgeous! They would make a perfect hostess gift!

This Salt Water Orchid is blissful! I'd put it in my bedroom or master bath!

And if you are on a budget (like us!) then these plus a coupon would be perfect!! They smell great! I feel like they smell much more high-end than they are.

Thought these note cards were super fun and only $3.99!

And here is a "mom" question. Do y'all use overnight diapers? When did you start? Trey sleeps about 12 hours and his diapers have been SOAKED lately. I started putting him in the next size up at night but now I'm wondering if I should be buying these? What about cloth? He rarely poops at night - should I just get some cloth ones with inserts for night time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

And if you love Target like Trey and I do - make sure you are checking out Totally Target! I can't even tell you how much stuff I'm getting for cheap or FREE there lately!!


Jules said...

You are so lucky you have an iPad 2. I would love to even have the first one. It is such a cool gadget. I’ve never heard of Caldrea. I’ll check it out next time I’m at Target. Salt Water Orchid just sounds like something that smells good.

the workaholic momma said...

love love love the laptop bag - so dreamy:) Addie does fine in the cloth at night w/out an extra insert but she doesnt sleep quite as long and she's 2 months behind so its hard to say if that would help but you know how much i love my cloth diaps;)

Lindsey said...

We ran into the issue when Connor was about 5 months old of diapers leaking. We have tried both Pampers extra protection and Huggies overnight. We LOVE Huggies overnight and we do go a size up. Connor is a 4 in Pampers during the day and a 5 with Huggies at night. For some reason everyone I have talked to who has boys say they have issues with leaking more at night than girls. Plus, Connor is a belly sleeper so that makes it even worse. When he was starting to crawl and would do it in his crib he would leak but that was just a phase. Many moms has passed on my wisdom of Huggies overnight in a bigger size!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

We moved BG to overnight diapers at about 6 months. We use the Pampers Overnight and love them. She still has the occasional leak (we probably need to go up a size) but only if she's sleeping on her belly with her toosh in the air, a pretty common occurrence! I think it cuts down on diaper rash too to do the nighttime diapers..

Unknown said...

I think you have to have that ipad case. Its too cute not to have. :)

I am having the same issue with the diapers. He is soaked int he mornings. Let me know if you try them out and ill do the same.

On my way to go check out Totally Target...Thanks.

Hope you guys have a great weekend :)

lg2006 said...

We have the same problem with the night time diapers! I was using cloth at night just like during teh day, but he was soaking them and it would wake him up, so now I am using Huggies size 4 at night. It weighs about 15 lbs by the time I wake it off in the morning but it is not leaking. I am thinking he wont pee so much when he stops nursing at night. ( he still wakes up every 3 hours YIKES)

Momma on the Run said...

Cloth is definitely not the answer for night time! We use cloth during the day and Pampers at night but I'm thinking about switching to the overnight "model" as well. Let us know what you decide!