Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making Baby Food FAQ

I knew I wanted to make Trey's baby food from the beginning - I remember my friend J and I sitting around talking about it and how excited we both were to make their foods.

When she came over after Trey was born with a warm, home-cooked meal she also gifted me this book. It has pretty much everything you need to know about making baby food and lots of great recipes!

I also like this website: Wholesome Baby Food

Ever since I first posted about making Trey's food I have recieved a lot of questions. I'm by no means an expert - these are just my personal opinions and what works for us. But I thought I'd do a blog post about them!

My dear friend Andrea also has TWO great posts on making baby food here and here. Check em out!

Do you make all of his food?
Nope! When we are at home I use what I have made but I love to grab the Plum Organics pouches & the boon spoon or a jar of the Earth's Best or Pouch of Sprout food and the boon squirt spoon for when we are out and about! Because really, as much as I like making food for Trey I love buying it and trying out different organic brands!

Do I need to buy a fancy baby food making machine?
Again, no way! I know that my sweet friend LG does have the Beaba and she loves it!! If you have any questions for her - please head on over and I know she will be happy to answer them!

I just use a Cuisinart Food Processor (or my magic bullet - whatever is clean and ready!), and I use a steamer basket.

I personally do not steam the food in a Ziploc type bag because I haven't been able to find any that are BPA free - if y'all happen to find any that are can you please pass that info my way?

I also steam them with the skins on - this is definitely more of a pain but everything that I have read says to do it that way because it helps the food retain it's nutrients.

Do you buy everything organic?
Right now, yes, everything besides bananas (because of their thick skin, I am ok with not buying them organic) we are buying organic - but I do hunt for sales big time! I can't wait to go troll the Famers Markets with J and Trey's girlfriend for lots of (hopefully) cheaper, locally grown organic foods!

A lot of the time sales are how I figure out what I am making for Trey that week. Pretty much the same as how I plan mine & JDs meals! Last week my Harris Teeter had organic red delicious apples for the same price as non-organic! So guess what I made for Trey?

How do you store the food?
I re-use the Earth's Best jars and just pop them in the freezer. I also use this tray for freezing the food - you can use regular old freezer trays. And then I pop them out and store them in a Ziploc bag with the date and what's inside.

Sidenote: I am ok using non-BPA items in the freezer - I'm just personally not ok heating with them. It's just my personal choice - n0 judgies on what anyone else does - just letting y'all know how we roll in the Beach Bum household right now. Same goes for the organic food discussion.... it's a personal decision for everyone.

Do you have any questions? Any great baby food posts that I should check out? I am always looking for new ideas, recipes, tips & tricks!!

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Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Thanks for sharing....we are a few weeks away from beginning this adventure! I'll have to get that book.

Unknown said...

Well you have answered a lot of my questions I was going to reseach today. I have the Beaba and love it but also have a steamer im going to try too. Thanks for the great info!

Mrs c said...

Thank you for sharing! ;)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I tried at first, but with my new job it took up too much time and something had to go. So store bought it is. I'm ok with it though, we don't eat organic so I figure it wouldn't break my heart if he didn't have organic either!

lg2006 said...

I actually dont love the beaba! I like it and its really easy to use, but not sure if I would recommend it as it has some cleaning issues. There are some newer ones on the market that seem interesting! I also LOVE those green sprouts BPA free food storage cubes! Have you seen them? I need some new recipes stat!