Thursday, March 3, 2011

How I get my diaper deals!

After posting my February goals and how I did many of you e-mailed asking how I got such a great deal on the box of 234 Pampers Swaddlers?

I'm here to divulge my secrets!

First I will start by saying I ONLY order my diapers and wipes. And I stockpile. If I find a good deal I usually go ahead and buy it in the next size up. I also only use Pampers for Trey because they seem to fit him best but every baby is different. We use Huggies and Pampers wipes - either works great for us.

Here is how I got the above box for $11.99 total, shipped to my door the next day. (This box in particular, was a shower gift for my neighbor.)

1. Join Amazon Moms - It's free! Like totally 110% free. No strings attached. And it gets you Amazon Prime (hello, free shipping) for free!

Here is what it says on the FAQ page: "Mom members receive benefits such as 30% off diapers and wipes, FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, as well as exclusive offers via e-mail."

That Amazon Prime gets extended with qualifying purchases in the "Baby Store" and you can use the free shipping on anything, not just for things baby-related.

2. When you go to order the diapers you are going to want to sign up for "Subscribe and Save" to score 30% off your purchase. You can cancel at any time. (I wait for my box to show up and then I cancel the subscription)

3. Go through your Parents, Baby Talk, Parenting: The Early Years magazines, etc (I'm sure I'm leaving out some!) and look for these green postcard looking inserts.

They will get you 20% off diapers or a $10 off code. You CAN combine these!! If you don't get these magazines I suggest you sign up. Look for a deal on Parents - and some of the other ones are actually free subscriptions.

Amazon's prices fluctuate some but you are still bound to get a great deal if you combine all of these steps.

Here is how the transaction would work-

If I were to order this box today:

A box of 234 Pampers Swaddlers: $43.99

Using Subscribe & Save: $30.79

Minus the 20% off coupon: $24.64

And less the $10.00 coupon code: $14.64

(That equals .06 per diaper instead of .19 per diaper at full price!)

Most of us won't get charged tax, no shipping fee with Prime and the last box I ordered around 11am showed up the next day!

Not too shabby huh?

Let me know if you have any questions or need help. I know this seems confusing at first but I promise it gets easier as you do it.

Baby Cheapskate has great resources for these deals in their "Top Diaper & Formula Deals of the Week"!


Anonymous said...

We were running into issues with cloth diapering, and I had to return all of our cloth diapers, so, I did this on Amazon. Got 2 boxes for $50. (I rushed to find even ONE Amazon coupon, and just needed the diapers.) But at $40 a box, 2 for $50 isn't bad, in my book. :) That's AWESOME, the savings you had!

Unknown said...

YAY!!! THANKS! I have been thinking about signing up for the Parents magazine now even more reason to. You rock thanks for posting this!

mrs.mfc said...

I have been hearing more and more people raving about Amazon Mom. It definitely seems like the way to go! Good job finding such great deals!!

April of Smidge Of This said...

Amazing deal ... I don't have a little one, but I'm sending your blog post link to my mommy friends! Everyone loves a good deal, especially on something that just gets destroyed and tossed. ;)

Tiny Ocean said...

i never thought to sign-up for the subscribe and save and then cancel...Great idea!!

lg2006 said...

Great POst! Thanks for the tips! I love Amazon!

Jules said...

I will certainly be passing this information along to my friend that is pregnant. I'm sure this will help her out a ton. You're awesome for finding this deal and using it. Good for you girl!