Monday, March 14, 2011

Hair Lust

I got a few emails and comments asking about my new haircut.... um... she cut about 1/2 an inch off and I was on my way. Seriously, it looks EXACTLY the same. Just healthier!

I showed my stylist what my long term "hair goal" is ~

Can you blame me? I just want to be her!!

My stylist suggested that I come in every 6 weeks for a dry trim off the bottom, to keep taking my prenatals and to really "baby" my hair.

Right now I am using the following products:

I'm only washing and using hot tools every other day and I'm not using any hairspray at all (it seemed to really dry my hair out). But I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to speed this process up and keep it shiny & healthy!

My hair is no where near as thick as Kyle's but I'm hoping that I can come close to her look!
Any product or supplement suggestions?


Katie said...

Love it! No suggestions here, but I'm going for a "housewife" look too! - Gretchen, though I feel like every blonde wants Gretchen's hair ;)

rachel said...

This is definitely NOT for everyone's hair type, but I have a lot of really wavy to curly hair and I got a Keratin treatment (the one w/out fromaldahyde). It made a HUGE difference in my hair's healthiness - I didn't get it cut but everyone has asked me if I had a fresh cut in the last week b/c it has made it look so much less dry! I know that Organix (the brand that makes the Argan oil) has a Keratin shampoo.

Elizabeth said...

I love her hair too!! I wish mine would look like that, but I have that syndrome where every time I see an adorable short or shoulder length hair style...I cut it! LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

C said...

neo cell supplements are fantastic.

Ashley Paige said...

we are SERIOUSLY soulmates. I was JUST telling my husband yesterday how Kyle Richards is my HAIR CRUSH!! I've been downing my prenatals like I'm pregnant again so that my hair will keep growing! I know what will happen though- another inch or two and it's just going to look limp and flat and I'm going to hate it and cut 8 inches off.. happens EVERY time! Haha! I don't have any secrets to share other than the vitamins- but if you hear anything else good, let me know! I've been looking for an inexpensive moroccan oil shampoo- I'll have to try that one! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

I love Kyle! She is gorgeous and so is her hair. Good luck in the growth process...don't you wish you didn't have to wait so long for it to grow and you would just wake up one morning with fab long hair. :)

Anonymous said...

Her hair is beautiful!

Lexilooo said...

I just bought that Moroccan oil shampoo/conditioner and am really loving it! It's just been a few days, but I can already see a bit of a hair is so much softer!

Heather said...

I would love to have Kyle's hair too!

Jules said...

Kyle’s hair is absolutely gorgeous and your hair will be there in no time ;) It’s already kind of long to begin with, so you will be on your way. It sounds like you’re taking very good care of it.

I just bought the Moroccan Aragan Oil deep conditioning treatment, but haven’t started using it yet. Are you liking it?

chelsea said...

I love her hair!!

I've been growing mine out for a while too. I wash it every 3-4 days, but I do use hair spray to help dry it out so it can make it that long between washes.

I also take vitamins, which I can tell make a difference in the growth.

Pretty in Pink Megan's blog has some supplements that she's taken that have made her hair grow SOOOO fast. From what I can remember, they were kind of pricy but there's no denying that it's worked for her.