Thursday, March 3, 2011


On Sunday, February 20th we were having brunch over at our BFF's house and Trey was gnawing on my hand. This isn't anything unusual as my hand is only second to Sohpie on Trey's list of favorite things to chew on.

Not to be confused with socks, tags, my diaper bag strap, basically anything he can get his hands on...

All of a sudden I felt something sharp.

I thought I had felt it the night before and JD laughed at me telling me I was crazy - we looked and didn't see anything at all. Well, I don't know if it was because of the awesome light they get in their living room in the am or what but there it was - Trey's first little "toof"!

Fast forward to two days later - I take a peek in Trey's mouth that morning and BAM! Tooth number two!

I've been meaning to try and take pictures of them for a while and post about it. When AP was talking about sweet Baby C's teeth yesterday on Twitter and I woke up to LG's post all about PB's chompers I knew I needed to sit down, take some pictures and write this post before it got another day later!

Congrats to sweet Peebs and Carter on their "toofies" too!!

I figured while we we taking teeth pics I should take some random pictures too!

Looks like I'm off to chase this little bug around!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh my goodness, he's getting so big! and he has two little teeth! :) he is so cute!!

Amber said...

Too funny that all 3 of them got teeth within days of each other! So cute!

Shannon Dew said...

Aweee so big! Kp got hers back to back like that too! How has he been with teething?

Unknown said...

Yay for Trey's teeth!! They are so cute. I hope the whole teething process goes ok for you guys and his teeth dont begin to bother him.

Little C is going through the same thing right now. The past 2 mornings he has been waking up screaming his poor little head off :( They are starting to cut through.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy! He's getting so big!

AndreaLeigh said...

yay big boy! Go Trey!

Cooper has always cut teeth two at a time. I wonder if Trey will be the same way?

Jules said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe he's getting his first teeth already. He's a big boy now. I love these pics. He looks adorable in that plaid shirt.