Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Goals

1. Try out Stroller Strides & Look for another Mommy & Me-type activity - Since I didn't make it to SS last month that is one of my priorities for this month. And since we are loving Little Gym and the Library so much I'd like to see what else is out there

2. Lose 4 more lbs - I'd like to lose 4 more lbs (which I realize is WAY more realistic than 8 a month) and work on being healthier overall. More fruit, veggies & water! Working on cutting down on my coke zero habit, but baby steps people, baby steps.

3. Dive deeper into blogging - I love that I did so great blogging frequently in February but this month I'd like to work on some more serious posts. I need to write about my Mom, Trey's silent reflux and when I stopped breast feeding. All of these things make me very emotional but I'd like to share the journey of each one.

4. Re-organize my closet & Trey's closet - I need some serious help. Neither are a complete mess but they just aren't organized in a super-functional way. I'll be posting before and after pictures. And have any of you seen any cute cheap baskets anywhere? The ones I want at Target are $20 each and I need way too many for that to work.

5. Menu Planning - We've been doing great not eating out and stocking up but we are still doing quite a few "what do you want" "well, what do you want" dances around 6pm every night. I'm hoping to alleviate that some.
P.S. I haven't had fast food once in 2011! That's right - not even Chick-fil-a! I know this will end at some point and I'll just need to use that will power to order a salad!

6. Get a haircut & make dr. appt - It's so sad I have to put these on here. I haven't had a haircut in 5 months and I need to make my ahem womanly appt. I've just been stalling on both. Time to get them done!

7. Read a non-baby related, fiction, fun book - I downloaded the newest Shopaholic book on the iPad a million years ago when it first came out and I still haven't read it. I'd really like to put down "What to Expect the First Year" and do some fun reading for myself!

What are your goals this month? Those of you posting, do you agree that it really helps with motivation?!?


Unknown said...

No fast food in rock! Chick Fil A is my total weakness. I could drink their "chick fil a sauce" (gross I know). You have inspired me to do a March Goals post. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

What is your email? I am not linked up to outlook so when I push your email me button it wont take me to your email :( stupid work computer...haha

Amber said...

Don't feel bad about #6 - I'm finally getting my hair cut tomorrow for the first time since right before Thanksgiving! And I just read Mini Shopaholic - it's really cute so definitely make time for that one! :)

Ashley said...

Great post and great goals! You go girl :)

I love love love chickfila-- but thankfully my favorite meal there is the grilled chicken salad with honey mustard!!

Also, try menu planning. I love it.

chelsea said...

I saw some really cheap baskets at Joann recently - canvas and woven. And they have coupons often!

And menu planning REALLY helps to cut back the food budget. Let me know if you need tips!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Great goals! You've inspired me to sit down and actually make some goals for the month too.

Rachel said...

1. Wish i had a little baby so I could go to SS with you :)

2. That is AWESOME about 4 pounds last month!

3. I love hearing that you're meal planning. It has become a sick obsession for me. Weird? Yes!

and finally, #4...Kristin will be happy to see you :)

Jules said...

Monthly goals are a great idea and it certainly keeps you accountable. Your goals are totally doable and you know you have everyone’s support on the more serious posts. If you ever need to talk, you know I’m here. Seriously don’t even think twice.

As for the baskets/organizers I saw some really cute ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond and they always have those 20% off coupons. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

I’d also like to lose 4 pounds this month. We need to do more menu planning too.