Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Trey wanted to share his puffs with Addie

Friday night we had the besties over for dinner. I finally put Trey's highchair together (The green one was one I got as a review - I'll be using it as an extra or "outdoor one") I was cursing the company that made it and my husband (love ya babe!) the whole time. It was a mess. Don't get this highchair - it's no bueno.

We ordered pizza and earlier in the day I picked up some of the most amazing cupcakes from a place called Carolina Cupcakery. It was one of the first cupcakeries in the area and they are truly top-notch in their sweets and their service! I always leave with a huge smile!

On Saturday we ran some errands and played around the house with Trey. It's been a really big week in our house. He is starting to say ma-ma-ma-ma I thought it was a fluke at first, but he will look right at me and say ma-ma-ma (just ask J - she heard it too! so exciting!). Today he started making da-da-da-da sounds and JD is just over the moon about it.

He's holding his own bottle now, and it makes me super sad to think "he doesn't need me" but it was rather nice when I got to shop around Target the other day while he sat in the stroller and just drank his bottle himself!!

He is still crawling a few crawls and then face-planting or deciding he'd rather sit up and look around and play. He came a lot closer to making more crawls in a row tonight and JD and I kind of freaked out, we don't have any baby gates yet! Have I mentioned our house has 3 levels? Amazon here I come!

On Sunday we made iced coffee and waffles and just hung around before it was time to watch...

Yep, that's right!! JD and I both went to VCU!! So did one of our super sweet friends who reads my blog - hi M!! I cannot believe they are in the final four!!! I'm not a big sports person but I am SO into watching the rams take it all the way!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

He is so stinking cute! And huge!

Unknown said...

So jealous that he holds his own bottle and it sounds like you are going to be having a little mover on your hands soon. So fun! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

Yay Trey! Such a big boy! I'm so happy for you. That first "mama" really changes your world, huh?

What kind of high chair is that?

You are so much better than me. Putting together or building anything is automatically delegated to Jason.